Immediate job interviews for job seekers in the Emirates and job placement within 7 days

The annual employment fair in Abu Dhabi provides immediate job interviews for job seekers in the Emirates and job placements within 7 days.

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Immediate employment interviews for those in the Emirates who are looking for work, as well as placement within the next week.

The yearly recruitment fair held in Abu Dhabi offers job searchers in the Emirates quick job interviews and job placements within one week of the exhibition's conclusion.

“Instant” job interviews for cadres seeking work and appointment within 7 days

"Instant" employment interviews for cadres looking for jobs, with appointments to be made within the next week, Participating institutions and employers in the activities of the Employment and Training Administration Their curriculum vitae will be sorted electronically, within minutes, with the officials of these agencies pledging to summon young people applying for the vacancies who match the requirements of the jobs that are currently available, by contacting them to complete the rest of the appointment procedures, within a period that will not take more than seven days.

Sorting the CVs of job applicants to select those suitable for the available jobs

Applicants' curriculum vitae are being combed through in order to identify those most suited to the open positions, Officials at the pavilions of the participating institutions confirmed that once the electronic sorting of CVs of applicants for jobs is completed within minutes, those who fit the requirements of the jobs in question will be summoned by contacting them to complete the rest of the appointment procedures, or fulfill the training and qualification requirements, highlighting that The procedures for appointing the Emirati cadres who will be selected will be similar.

Announcing job opportunities at the UAE Central Bank

Public notice of employment openings at the Central Bank of the UAE, During its participation in the exhibition, the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates will be displaying vacant job opportunities for job seekers in a variety of banking and insurance specializations. This will attract national cadres, competencies, and expertise, in addition to encouraging graduates to begin their professional careers and supporting them. This will enhance the goals of Emiratisation in the banking and financial sector, as it seeks support from the Central Bank for its plans and programs in the field.

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