Important circular from schools in the Emirates today to all parents and students

A few hours ago, an important circular was issued by schools in the Emirates today to all parents and students in conjunction with the first semester exam period, prohibiting students from using phones and electronic devices and warning parents against giving gifts to teachers during exams.

Today, schools in the Emirates have sent out an important circular to all of the students and parents.

Schools in the Emirates have just a few hours ago distributed an important circular to all of the students and parents in conjunction with the first semester exam period. The purpose of the circular was to restrict students from using phones and other electronic devices during the exam time and to warn parents against sending gifts to instructors during the exam period.

Prohibiting giving gifts to teachers in UAE schools during exams

Putting a stop to the practice of providing gifts to faculty members in UAE institutions during examinations, During the exam time for the first semester, school administrations have issued warnings to students not to provide any form of in-kind gift to teachers. They have emphasized that this behavior is prohibited for students and their families, as well as the fact that it is not permitted in the general policy of schools. A knowledgeable individual in the field of education emphasized that the teaching profession is, above all else, a moral profession, and that it is not acceptable to detract from this aspect of the job. It is appreciated when presents are given to instructors, which is especially significant given that these gifts cause the teacher to lose his respect and prestige among the students, in addition to being an inappropriate phenomenon professionally, morally, and socially.

Private schools in the Emirates send a circular clarifying the list of controls and prohibitions

A circular is distributed around the Emirates' private schools in order to clarify the list of restrictions and prohibitions, Parents and guardians of students attending private schools received a circular that included specific information regarding the rules for first-semester exams. The circular warned against presenting presents to teachers during that time of the year and demanded that no gifts of any kind be given to school employees at any time of the year because doing so is against school policy. Policies of the school: The schools have made it clear that using mobile phones or any other electronic device while in the test room is completely forbidden, and they have urged the pupils to leave their sophisticated technological equipment at home. It was decided that making noise, moving about, staring, gesticulating, talking, and leaving the area without authorization were all forms of cheating. Students are not permitted to borrow anything during exam sessions, and they are required to have all necessary office supplies with them (pens, pencils, calculators, etc.) in order to be admitted into the testing room. This regulation was imposed by the management of the school. The instructor emphasized to the students that any paper, document, or calculator found with the student is deemed an attempt to cheat, unless its usage is specified in the exam paper itself. The students were instructed to report to the examination hall at least five minutes before the test was scheduled to begin.

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