Live TikTok broadcast ends domestic worker's contract in UAE

An Emirati family was surprised that their domestic worker violated their privacy and broadcasted it live to them on one of the social networking sites Tikto application.

The family expressed its deep dissatisfaction with the incomprehensible behavior of the domestic worker, who displays many details and secrets of the family and home on social media sites.

Domestic workers get into Tiktok updates

Domestic workers' involvement in "Tik Tok" challenges, in which they appear publicly cooking at family gathering times and imparting details about individuals' lives without their awareness, surprised families.

Two legal experts and the owner of a labor recruitment service both confirmed that what certain female workers are doing is illegal and that the affected person must take proper action against them.

Termination of the worker’s contract

Following the terrible behavior of the domestic worker, the family decided to cancel her contract and return her to the agency responsible for recruiting her for repatriation to her home country.

The housekeeper went on to say that the office where the worker was hired required her to be permitted to use her phone and home Internet so she could talk to her family on the programs she was used to. I did give her a smart phone and let her use the house Internet, but I observed she was always on the phone. She ignored housework, and when I asked her to limit her phone use, she refused.

The maid posts pictures of the children and all corners of the house

The owner of the house went to the office from which she was brought, and when the owner of the office opened her phone on her accounts on social networking sites, we found her posting pictures of my children, pictures of my family, and corners of the house as content in her accounts, prompting me to delete all the pictures that threatened my privacy and end her residency. And then return it to its native land.

She stated that she did not seek legal action against the worker because she was unwilling to go through legal proceedings.

A fine and imprisonment for 6 months

According to one of the legal officials, committing these behaviors is punishable by imprisonment for a period of not less than six months and a fine of not less than 150 thousand dirhams and not more than 500 thousand dirhams, or by one of these two penalties, Anyone who uses an information network, electronic information system, or any information technology means, with the intent of violating a person's privacy.

He further stated that the sponsor has the authority to limit the worker's use of the phone, determine the time she uses it, and the conditions under which it is used. When he invites a domestic worker into his home, he also expects her to comply to his criteria that are compatible with his customs and traditions.

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