Mandatory instructions from the UAE Police for drivers to follow in the coming days

The UAE Police has issued important instructions to drivers that must be adhered to while driving on the road in the coming days due to the turbulent weather, heavy rains and low visibility in many areas of the country.

In the following days, drivers in the UAE are required to strictly comply to the directions given by the UAE Police.

Due to the unstable weather, heavy rains, and low visibility in many parts of the country, the United Arab Emirates Police have given essential recommendations to drivers that must be adhered to while driving on the road in the next days. These instructions must be followed.

Sharjah Police instructions to drivers to exercise caution during rain

Drivers have been warned by the Sharjah Police Department to exercise caution while it is raining, Due to the rain, the Sharjah Police General Command urges all drivers on the road to exercise extreme caution and care while behind the wheel. For the sake of everyone's safety, it was stressed that adequate space should be left between vehicles, that speeds should be lowered, and that drivers should approach the roads with extreme caution. Additionally, it was advised not to get too close to areas where valleys and dams run.

A strong emergency affects the weather condition in the Emirates

The weather in the Emirates is being influenced by a powerful depression right now, The National Center of Meteorology informed Emirates Al-Youm that the deepening depression coming to the country from the south led to the development of cumulonimbus clouds and the fall of rain of varying intensity in all areas, accompanied by hail, lightning, and thunder. The center also pointed out that some northern regions witnessed heavy rains that led to the flow of a large number of Valleys, and the center noted that the weather tomorrow will become generally fair to partly cloudy.

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