Abu Dhabi Airport new Terminal A Set to Open on November 1st

Terminal A at Abu Dhabi International Airport will open for business for the first time on November 1, according to an announcement made by the airport. As a means to commemorate this significant occasion, Etihad Airways will carry out a ceremonial flight on October 31, just a day before the official inauguration to the general public.

Abu Dhabi's New Terminal A

To guarantee a seamless and productive transition for all airlines concerned, the move to Terminal A will be completed in three stages spread out over a period of two weeks:

1. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi and 15 International Airlines (November 1)

Starting November 1, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi will be among the first to take flight from the brand-new Terminal A. Alongside them, 15 other international airlines will begin operating from the terminal, marking the inaugural phase of the transition.

2. Etihad Airways and More Airlines (November 9)

As of November 9, Etihad Airways will kick off their operation with a total of 16 daily flights. Their full-scale transition to the new terminal will take place on November 14. Joining them on this date will be Air Arabia Abu Dhabi and an additional 10 airlines. This second phase will mark a significant step in the full-scale utilization of Terminal A.

3. Full Operations (November 14)

On November 14, Terminal A will host a total of 28 airlines that will be fully operational. This marks the completion of the phased transition, with the terminal running at its maximum capacity.

The opening of Terminal A signifies a major development in Abu Dhabi's aviation infrastructure, providing a state-of-the-art facility for both airlines and passengers. The gradual transition approach ensures that airlines have ample time to adapt to the new terminal, preventing potential disruptions and ensuring a seamless travel experience for passengers.

With Etihad Airways, Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, and a myriad of international airlines making Terminal A their new home, the airport anticipates an increased level of efficiency, convenience, and a smoother passenger journey. This strategic move bolsters Abu Dhabi International Airport's commitment to enhancing the overall travel experience and establishes Terminal A as a hub for a wide range of airlines and passengers.

The opening of Terminal A is set to reinforce Abu Dhabi's position as a key player in the global aviation industry and provide an excellent travel experience for passengers traveling to and from the UAE capital.

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