New parking fees in the emirates

The Sharjah City Municipality has declared that 11,250 brand-new parking lots will be required to charge fees, The municipality also mentioned that the implementation of taxes for brand-new parking lots will commence at the beginning of the next year.

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The municipality of Sharjah stated that this step keeps pace with the urban and population boom, and meets the needs of the public, particularly in residential and commercial areas in the city of Sharjah, The municipality also mentioned that it is constantly working to study the needs of each area of public parking, according to several plans and considerations.

Charges for additional parking

The director of the public parking department, Hamed Al-Qaed, stated that charging fees for additional parking lots in the city consolidates the important role that the municipality plays in enhancing the civilized and aesthetic appearance of the emirate, This is because these parking lots limit the random parking of vehicles and encroachments, and they also make it easier for the public and residents to get a parking lot when visiting any area or destination in the city of Sharjah, which is witnessing active commercial activity.

Number of public parking spaces

He added,"the total number of public parking lots in Sharjah has reached 67,583, equipped to accommodate as many vehicles as possible, and equipped with guidance plates stating that the area is subject to fees, and the plates also indicate the quality and nature of parking in each area, some of which are subject to fees all days of the week and on public holidays, which can be inferred through the Blue guidance plates".

Equipping parking lots

He mentioned that the municipality is in the process of carrying out an exhaustive survey of important areas in order to get ready for charging fees for parking lots. After outfitting parking lots according to the highest standards and specifications, with the goal of permanently harnessing them to the public and visitors of various areas, the municipality also provides modern and advanced payment devices, working with Touch technology to pay fees using coins, while also providing other payment options, such as text messaging service, segregated bicycle racks, and segregated electric vehicle charging stations, He also mentioned that.

Continuous inspection campaigns

He emphasized the importance of organizing ongoing inspection campaigns to monitor any excesses that may occur when using the service. These excesses may include parking randomly, booking more than one parking lot, parking on the sidewalk or behind vehicles, or parking in the parking lots of people of determination without a permit authorizing this, as well as other types of parking infractions.

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