Police in Abu Dhabi warn drivers of serious violations due to location applications

A few hours ago, Abu Dhabi Police issued an important warning to drivers about some serious violations caused by location applications on their phones, which cause the vehicle to suddenly swerve...and cause serious accidents.

The Abu Dhabi Police Department issues a warning to drivers about the potential violations that might result from using location applications.

Just a few hours ago, the Abu Dhabi Police Department issued a critical warning to motorists about several significant infractions that can be caused by location programs on their smartphones.

Warning drivers of the danger of being distracted by location applications

Drivers should be warned about the risk of becoming distracted by location-based applications, Drivers have warned of the occurrence of serious traffic accidents on the roads, due to preoccupation with navigation applications and programs on smart phones. These applications and programs are equipped with visual and interactive maps, which drivers resort to while driving, to reach their destinations, and also help them choose the shortest path to the desired destination. Drivers have pointed out that "Focusing attention on the interactive maps displayed by these applications distracts the driver from road hazards and causes the vehicle to veer off the road." Drivers have also pointed out that

Abu Dhabi Police publishes a video of a serious accident due to preoccupation with location applications

Because of their preoccupation with location applications, the Abu Dhabi Police Department has released a video of a serious accident, A video clip of a serious, actual traffic accident was recently released by Abu Dhabi Police. In the tape, it can be seen that a car veered off of its path at the end of an intersection, which resulted in a violent side collision with other vehicles. The drivers' warnings came as a result of their contact with the clip, which was shown to them.

Registration of serious traffic violations against drivers due to location applications

Drivers who commit major traffic offenses as a result of using location-based applications having their tickets registered, Every year, traffic departments in the country record thousands of violations against drivers due to "being distracted from the road while driving a vehicle," which is classified as a serious violation, as it leads to deaths and serious injuries on the roads, according to statistics and analytical studies of accidents and traffic violations, as some drivers make sudden movements according to What he sees in front of him on the screen of these programs without paying attention to the dangers of teh road, as some drivers make sudden movements according to What he sees in front.

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