Police issue a warning to drivers in the Emirates against serious violations caused by children

The police have issued an important warning to drivers in the United Arab Emirates against serious traffic violations caused by children.

The police in the Emirates have issued a warning to motorists about the major infractions that might be made by minors.

Drivers in the United Arab Emirates have been issued an important warning by the police about significant traffic offenses caused by children.

Child quarrels expose parents to traffic violations

Arguments between children put their parents at risk of receiving driving tickets, According to police records, traffic authorities have issued dozens of fines to drivers over the course of the previous several years for the reasons that children were allowed to sit in the front seat of the vehicle and there were no seats that were specifically designated for children. Over the course of the past few years, drivers who were engaged in activity with their children inside their homes increased their risk of being involved in an accident or receiving a traffic citation carrying a significant fine. Vehicles, which causes their attention and concentration to be distracted while driving; in addition, children not adhering to sitting in the designated seats or wearing seatbelts, or engaging in innocent, naughty behavior such as opening windows and sticking their hand or head out of them while driving; and adults not adhering to sitting in the designated seats or wearing seatbelts.

Serious traffic violations in the UAE due to children

Children are responsible for a number of serious traffic offenses in the UAE, For his part, traffic expert and Director General of the Saaed Association for Reducing Traffic Accidents, Dr. Jamal Al-Amiri, stated that the country's Traffic Law of 2017, in both its executive regulations and in the fines schedule, was clear about the points that concern children or children in the vehicle, as well as setting violations. Jamal Al-Amiri is quoted as saying that the country's Traffic Law of 2017 was clear about the points that concern children. Strict measures to ensure the safety of children while they are in the vehicle, including Article No. (49), which makes it illegal to permit a child that is ten years old or younger or a person that is shorter than 145 cm to sit in the front seat of the vehicle, as well as Article No. 50 in the event that special protective seats are not provided for children that are four years old or younger while they are in the vehicle. Both of these articles are included in the law. According to the legislation, the driver of the vehicle is the one who is liable, and in the event that these two offenses occurred, the driver will be required to pay a fine of 400 dirhams.

Traffic instructions for drivers to protect against traffic violations related to children

Instructions for drivers to follow that will help prevent infractions of traffic laws that are related to minors, Al-Amiri told the parents that it is very important for them to train and educate their children to adhere to the means of transportation, whether the automobile, the bus, or any other, as the child grows up with the conduct that his parents have accustomed him to. Al-Amiri advised the parents that it is very important for them to train and educate their children to adhere to the means of transportation. As a result of this, the guardian's eagerness to adapt his children to setting a good example when driving the vehicle, or for the youngsters to sit in the seat, is quite important. When it comes to safeguarding children from the risk of suffering life-threatening injuries in the case of a collision with another vehicle, having a back is one of the most essential requirements that must be met.

Warning against traffic accidents caused by children

Warning about the dangers of youngsters becoming the cause of traffic accidents, Reports indicate that some children have been exposed to road accidents at the state level, resulting in injuries and deaths, as a result of them not sitting in the seats that were allocated to them, and as a result of their parents not adhering to safety and security procedures, in addition to some mothers carrying their infants in the front seats. In total, this has resulted in the exposure of some children. According to Abu Adam, "although his children are committed to sitting in their designated seats, their quarrels and playing while he is driving usually cause him distraction and lack of concentration, which sometimes leads to him unintentionally swerving the vehicle, or forgetting the exit lane." When driving on the road or when you suddenly apply the brakes.

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