Procedures to be followed for safety UAE: A warning to citizens from the General Police Command to avoid hous

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Community residents were urged to safeguard their homes before leaving by the Ras Al Khaimah Police General Command, represented by the Awareness and Media Campaigns Branch of the Media and Public Relations Department.

To travel, to safeguard it from the dangers of potential thefts throughout the holiday season and the rising demand for travel and summer vacations, by disseminating educational information materials that were created and published through the Ras Al Khaimah Police platforms, on social networking sites, carrying a list of preventive measures and security instructions that must be followed when embarking.

The community was urged by Colonel Hamad Abdullah Al-Awadi, acting director of the media and public relations department, to close the doors and windows of their homes before departing and to refrain from posting anything on social media calling for people to leave or announcing that the owners of the home are leaving and traveling abroad. Some of the lights in the house are on, but it is best to use sensor lighting systems and install hidden surveillance cameras to keep an eye on different areas, especially where valuables are kept. In addition, the gas outlets should be closed and secured, and vehicles should be parked inside the house rather than outside to reduce the possibility of tampering or theft.

Procedures to be followed for safety

To maintain security and stability, the public was urged by the acting director of the media and public relations department to exercise social responsibility, work with the police and security agencies, and report any suspicious activity right away by calling 999. He emphasized that Ras policemen would be responding to such reports. The tent is fully prepared and available round-the-clock to assist community members as part of the Ministry of Interior's effort to spread and improve security and safety

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