urgent.. The Emirates warns residents against canceling their residency visas for these reasons

On the territory of the United Arab Emirates, there are a large number of residents of various nationalities and groups, and the UAE imposes a number of terms, conditions, and controls for these residencies, according to the specific laws imposed by UAE law to determine the type of visa, its validity period, and the reasons for canceling the residence visa for Emirates residents.

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Based on the foregoing, UAE residents must be aware of these laws, particularly those pertaining to the cancellation of the residence visa, and if the resident travels outside the UAE for a period exceeding 180 days, the residence visa will be automatically cancelled, according to what was approved by the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the UAE.

Residents of the Emirates
Residents of the Emirates

Visas and entry and residence permits in the UAE

The UAE offers a variety of visas and resident permits in addition to entrance permits, the most notable of which are as follows:

The first is the Golden Residency.

This is the most prevalent type of residency in the UAE, sometimes known as a long-term resident visa. The UAE's golden residence is renewable for 5 or 10 years. In the UAE, the following categories are eligible for golden residency:

  • Specialists and scientists
  • People with outstanding abilities
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students in their early stages and recent grads
  • Primary line of defense
  • Humanitarian trailblazers

The second point to mention is green residency.

It is one of the recently introduced new residence schemes in the UAE. It is personal to the individual or employee. The following categories are eligible for green residency:

  • Expert worker
  • Freelancing
  • Partner or investor
  • Students enrolled at a school or university
  • Third, obtain a regular work visa.
  • This visa or residency is normally valid for two years and can be obtained to work in the private, public, or free sector.

Fourth, free residency in the UAE.

This country is the first of its kind at the federal level, and independent, self-employed workers are eligible for free residency in the Emirates without the requirement for a work permit or employment contract.

Fifth, there is the student visa.

This visa is granted to international students from other countries who seek to enroll in UAE universities, colleges, and higher education institutions.

Sixth: Family members' residence visas

Residents of the UAE will be able to get a valid residence permit for their family members and apply for a resident visa in the UAE if they earn a minimum of 4,000 UAE dirhams per month or 3,000 UAE dirhams plus housing.

Emirates Residency visas
uae Residency visas

The seventh requirement is an entry visa for inhabitants of Gulf Cooperation Council nations.

The entry visa for citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council nations enables residency in Dubai and other emirates for 30 days from the date of admission, with the option of extending the stay only once for another 30 days.

The eighth is a transit visa.

The transit visa in the United Arab Emirates is divided into two types: one for a free time of 48 hours with no expenses, and another for a fee of 50 UAE dirhams for a duration of 96 hours. These visas are exclusively available through national airlines in the UAE.

The ninth type of visa is an entrepreneur visa.

Entrepreneurs and their families are allowed permanent residency, offering them extraordinary perks. In terms of eligibility and conditions, entrepreneurs from all around the world can apply for an entrepreneur visa.

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Tenth: Entry authorization for the patient and his or her companion

A treatment visa is awarded to international patients seeking treatment in the UAE's government and private hospitals, provided that access is sponsored by medical institutions and hospitals under a series of particular requirements.

Eleventh: Work visa for spouse

It is granted by one spouse to the other, regardless of whether he is an employee or an employer, on the condition that one of them acts as a sponsor for the other, which includes male children under the age of 18 and unmarried daughters, for a period of one or two years for the employee and three years for the employer.

12th: Tourist visa

Citizens of certain countries must get a visit visa, which specifies the length of stay in the UAE and the number of times they can enter.

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Thirteenth: Long-term visa for foreign retirees

In the UAE, persons over the age of 55 can get a retiree visa for a duration of five years, which is automatically renewed if the necessary qualifications are completed. Foreign retirees can apply using the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship application.

14th: A visa to visit a relative or a friend

A visitor may enter the country if he is a family or friend of an Emirates citizen or resident. If the visitor is a relative of the foreigner and is sponsored by him, a visa to visit a friend can be obtained without the need for a guarantor or host inside the nation.

15th: A work assignment visa

This visa is meant for completing a temporary work assignment for individuals on probation for a limited time, provided that the guarantor is the employer in the UAE.

Sixteenth: Visa for study, training, or qualifying

This visa is available for study, training, or qualification, and the guarantor or sponsor is any of the UAE's licensed universities, educational institutions, or research institutes, or a government or private entity for the purposes of training and qualification for a limited time, and the visa covers vocational training or work during the study period.

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Seventeenth: Visa for Job Exploration

This visa is intended to facilitate entry and exploration of skills and competencies searching for job opportunities available in the Emirates, as it is granted to skilled workers in the first, second, or third professional levels, as well as graduates of the world's top 500 universities, provided that no more than two years have passed since the beneficiary's graduation.

Visa to investigate investment and business prospects

This visa allows investors to enter the nation to investigate investment opportunities. This visa allows individuals to learn about the requirements for launching a business through straightforward procedures, and it does not need them to have a guarantor or host within the country.

The nineteenth is a virtual work residency permit.

This is the region's first visa of its kind, allowing the applicant to visit the Emirates with his personal sponsorship, stay for a year, and practice the virtual work in compliance with the rules and regulations stipulated in the residence permit. This permit is intended for professionals, entrepreneurs, owners of new projects, and small and medium-sized businesses from outside the country who meet the program's eligibility requirements.

Tourist visa in the Emirates

The United Arab Emirates does not require a visit visa from citizens of the majority of countries in order to enter the country; however, citizens of certain countries are required to obtain a visit visa and must specify the length of stay in the UAE as well as the number of entries.

A multiple-entry tourist or visit visa was introduced for a period of 5 years without a guarantor in the country in April 2022 as part of the new tourist visa updates that were announced at that time. This visa allows the beneficiary to remain in the country for up to 90 consecutive days at a time.

If the total number of days spent in the country does not exceed 180 in a given year, the period may be extended for an equivalent amount of time, but only in exceptional circumstances. Proof that the applicant has maintained a bank balance of at least $4,000 U.S. dollars or its equivalent in other currencies for the previous six months is required in order to be eligible for a tourist visa.

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