Saving the life of an expatriate in the UAE after undergoing a medical examination to renew his residency

A hospital in the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates announced that the medical residency examination in the Emirates saved the life of an expatriate after coming to the Emirates.

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A medical residency renewal examination in the UAE saves an expatriate’s life

An expat's life is saved by a medical residency renewal exam in the United Arab Emirates, A young man of Asian nationality visited Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, one of the facilities affiliated with the Emirates Health Services Corporation, to complete the standard examination procedures for the medical fitness service for residence visas to renew his residency in the country, and doctors there were able to remove a 20 cm diameter tumor attached to the diaphragm muscle. The young kid was at the hospital's thoracic surgery department after a routine x-ray revealed a significant growth in his right chest. When questioned about his medical background, the patient produced a normal chest x-ray and medical report from 2016, indicating that there was a lesion in his right chest cavity. He clarified that the lesion was not He leads a regular life and does not complain of any illnesses or symptoms.

Performing surgery on a resident after a medical examination to renew residency

operating on a resident following a medical evaluation in order to extend residence, Under the direction of thoracic surgery expert Dr. Muhammad Mustafa, the hospital's surgical team got ready for the delicate procedure. With extreme caution, the lung adhesion was carefully removed from the bulk after the right chest cavity was opened. After that, the patient was taken to Al Qasimi Hospital's Interventional Radiology Department so that a design procedure could be completed for the vessels supplying the blood mass. The lump, which had grown to a circumference of roughly 20 cm, was completely removed the next day with the help of another surgical procedure. During the roughly two-hour surgical surgery, the doctors were able to remove the bulk, repair the diaphragm partially, and seal the hole with mesh.

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