“Sensory Ambulance” is a new service for people of determination in the UAE

The Executive Director of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Mishal Abdul Karim Julfar, announced the creation of a unique service called “Sensory Ambulance” to help people with determination (autism, Down syndrome, and mental disabilities).

Julphar confirmed in press statements issued in conjunction with the Foundation’s presence at the People of Determination Exhibition that the new ambulance (Sensory Ambulance) is the first of its kind in the world and is specifically designed to help people with autism, Down syndrome, and mild case, mental handicap.
He explained: We, as institutions, aim to translate the visions and directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in harnessing all efforts and capabilities to serve the people of the nation. Emirates and ensuring their quality of life and happiness. We are also committed to providing first-class medical treatment, which saves lives. patients before they arrive at the hospital and reinforces Dubai's position as a global leader in emergency care, For more information, Julfar said that the idea of the sensory ambulance came after research, study a review of best practices in the field of services provided to people of determination and the keenness of the Foundation’s work team to develop emergency medicine services provided to all segments, the society.

Sensory first aid abilities:

He pointed out that the sensory ambulance is equipped with the latest equipment, devices, and tools to calm the response of people with autism and some other groups when they are hyperactive and hyperactive, and that these devices work to attract their attention and stimulate their senses such as sight, sound and touch, which provides them with the appropriate atmosphere inside the ambulance to provide appropriate care and arrange means of transportation, Transport, The sensory ambulance was built according to the latest international standards with special settings controlled by paramedics inside the ambulance cabin based on the nature and type of disability to facilitate better communication between paramedics and patients with disabilities, whether from a cognitive or sensory perspective.

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