Serious violations were discovered in health centers in Abu Dhabi and their closure

The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi announced the discovery of serious violations in health facilities in Abu Dhabi and closed them, and a doctor was suspended from work.

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Abu Dhabi's health centers were forced to close after serious irregularities were found in their operations.

The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi made an announcement that it has found severe violations in health institutions in Abu Dhabi, and as a result, those facilities have been closed down, and a doctor has been suspended from their job.

“Abu Dhabi Health” closes two health facilities for committing violations

"Abu Dhabi Health" has decided to shut down two medical facilities because of various infractions, The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, which serves as the governing agency for the healthcare industry in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, recently made the decision to temporarily close down two health institutions. This decision was made after the Department of Health's healthcare quality team found a number of violations in both facilities. It was decided to close a medical center until the completion of investigations as well as regulatory and legal proceedings related to the financial violations that were observed. Additionally, it was decided to close a day surgery center in order to monitor violations that constitute a major threat to the health and safety of society.

Closing a medical center in Abu Dhabi

Putting an end to operations at a medical center in Abu Dhabi, The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi provided a comprehensive explanation as to why a medical center had to be shut down, as well as why a doctor's employment was put on hold while the appropriate procedures and investigations were carried out in light of the observed infractions. It involved writing and documenting in the patient's file procedures, examinations, medical interventions, and therapy that were different from what had actually occurred. For the purpose of seizing public funds, non-compliance with the department's circulars, policies, and regulations, including failing to obtain the patient's consent for treatment, failing to clarify the procedures and risks related to treatment before beginning to provide it, and using a name for the facility that does not match the name issued by the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi.

Closure of a day surgery center in Abu Dhabi

A day surgery center in Abu Dhabi has recently closed down, On the other hand, a day surgery facility was also placed under temporary closure until its circumstances were brought up to code because of the grave risk that the observed infractions present to the members of the local community with regard to their health and safety. The violations included the facility's failure to adhere to radiation protection standards or provide the necessary devices and materials to protect against radiation, whether for employees or for patients. Other violations included the facility's failure to adhere to the maintenance and calibration of medical devices, as well as the facility's violation of the approved training systems for workers in the facility.

Reasons for closing illegal medical centers in Abu Dhabi

The rationale for Abu Dhabi's decision to close down unlawful medical centers, In the aforementioned facility, a number of violations relating to standards and regulations for the prevention of infectious diseases were observed. These infractions included violating the federal law that is related to the prevention of infectious diseases, as well as violating the decision of the head of the department, which stipulates the use of the electronic reporting system for cases of infectious diseases, whether among workers or patients. In addition to not adhering to the required means and procedures, these infractions included violating the federal law that is related to the prevention The facility's non-compliance with standards and procedures for dealing with hazardous materials, medical waste disposal, regulations and policies for maintaining buildings and vital systems, and non-compliance with fire safety procedures approved by the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority was discovered during a visit by the healthcare quality team from the department.

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