Sharjah announces compensation scheme by bad weather

This program makes it possible to get financial assistance in the case of severe storms, floods, and other natural disasters caused by extreme weather

The emirate of Sharjah has initiated a financial assistance program that will enable Emiratis to file claims for compensation in the event that natural catastrophes or severe weather cause damage to their property.

The relief effort is being established in order to protect inhabitants from catastrophic weather disasters such as the disastrous flash floods that affected significant portions of the Northern Emirates in the previous year.

According to statements made by authorities on Thursday, the Sharjah Social Services Department and the Sharjah Civil Defence Authority would be in charge of monitoring applications for help that are submitted by members of the general public.

The Sharjah Executive Council gave its approval to the plan one month ago, and it was only recently put into action.

The chairman of the Sharjah Social Services Department, Afaf Al Marri, said that the guideline is only applicable to upcoming events that are connected to the weather.

"Past weather-related incidents in the eastern region and in Kalba were addressed, and people received financial support," she said.

After doing research on the effects of the excessive rainfall that occurred in the emirate the previous year, which resulted in major floods that caused significant damage to many properties, a relief plan was developed and put into effect.

The reaction of extreme weather

When the United Arab Emirates (UAE) saw its greatest rainfall in thirty years in July of 2022, Sharjah was severely affected.

After the summer downpour caused significant flooding in Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah, more than 800 people were rescued and hundreds more were provided with temporary housing.

Many residents of Fujairah and Sharjah said that the flooding was the most severe they had ever experienced.

They were taken aback by the severity of the deluge as well as the speed with which the floods overwhelmed their dwellings.

"We held meetings to learn from this experience and develop a plan for compensating people for damages," said Ms. Al Marri. "We learned from this experience and developed a plan for compensating people for damages."

She advised those whose lives had been disrupted by severe weather to get in touch with the relevant authority and file applications for financial assistance.

She said that after this step, the civil defense organization will do an evaluation of the losses.

The authorities have not confirmed whether or if compensation is exclusively granted for damage caused to residential properties, or whether claims may also be filed for damage to other types of property such as automobiles.

In order to ascertain the scope of the damage and the factors that contributed to it, crew members from the civil defense will undertake inspection visits.

She said that the standards that were authorized by the civil defense agency divide natural disasters into three categories: floods and torrents, winds and storms, and earthquakes. Each of these categories has its own set of assessment criteria.

The results of the site inspection reports will be used to determine the levels of compensation that will be provided.

"This initiative represents an organised approach to the compensation process," stated the spokeswoman Al Marri.

On the orders of Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Sharjah, financial assistance was provided to Emiratis who were impacted by the severe rain and floods that occurred the year before.

Every household that was impacted by the floods was given Dh50,000 to assist pay for the losses that were suffered.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been experiencing rainy weather for many days, and there is still more rain in the forecast.

On Thursday afternoon, persistent rain began to fall throughout Dubai and the Northern Emirates, and it eventually made its way into the eastern part of the nation.

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