Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah, announces good news

The individual in question, commonly referred to as "His Highness," Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, a prominent member of the Supreme Council and the ruling authority of Sharjah, has emphasized that the primary objectives of the emirate's projects are to ensure a high standard of living and foster a sense of dignity among its residents. These goals are manifested through initiatives aimed at improving the financial well-being of local families, reinforcing their cultural values and social cohesion, and safeguarding their fundamental principles. This approach is intended to effectively address various social, intellectual, and economic challenges that may potentially give rise to complications. In addition to the above challenges, there are more factors that pose risks to the overall stability of society.

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This statement was made by His Highness Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi during his address at the inauguration of the Shis Resthouse, situated after the Rogue Tunnel on the Khor Fakkan - Sharjah Road. Additionally, ownership rights for the resthouse's shops were distributed to individuals from the Shis and Al Nahwa districts. The individual in question, who holds a position of high authority, has expressed a strong commitment to regularly and diligently examining the societal circumstances of households. This entails closely monitoring each household's composition, financial inflows and outflows, with the aim of identifying their requirements and determining appropriate measures for intervention. These interventions may take the form of individualized assistance or the implementation of projects, legislation, and policies that promote a sustainable and satisfactory standard of living for families.

The inhabitants who possess the newly established stores in Shis Rest House were bestowed with the gracious blessings of His Highness. It was duly emphasized by His Highness that the project will persist and expand to the adjacent side of the rest stop. The royal figure expressed, "To those individuals who were not fortunate enough to receive a portion of the presently distributed project, we are actively engaged in developing a comparable initiative on the opposite end." These establishments shall be under your ownership, with the grace of the divine, and you shall collectively form a unified familial unit.

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