Statement by the Emirates Astronomical Society regarding an important astronomical event, October 28

The Emirates Astronomy Society announced an important astronomical event on October 28, 2023, related to the occurrence of a partial lunar eclipse in large areas in the Emirates and the world.

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The Emirates Astronomical Society has released a statement describing a significant astronomical event that took place on October 28.

An major astronomical event that will take place on October 28, 2023, and that was announced by the Emirates Astronomy Society, is a partial lunar eclipse that will be visible from huge portions of the Emirates and the rest of the world.

Emirates Astronomy: October 28, a partial eclipse in the Emirates and 3 continents

A partial eclipse will be visible in the Emirates and on three continents on October 28 according to Emirates Astronomy, The UAE, the rest of the Arab world, and the continents of "Asia, Africa, and Europe" will all be able to witness a partial lunar eclipse on October 28 of this year, according to an announcement made by the Emirates Astronomy Society. The society stated that the maximum percentage of the opaque part of the Moon will be approximately 12.2 percent at 20:14 UTC "00: 14 midnight UAE time on October 29."

Date of the next lunar eclipse

The first phase of the eclipse, known as the penumbra phase, will begin at 22:01 U.A.E. time, according to Ibrahim Al Jarwan, President of the Emirates Astronomical Society and a member of the Arab Union for Space and Astronomy. The main phase of the eclipse, known as the phase of growing opacity on the face of the moon, will begin at 23:35 U.A.E. time. The eclipse will last until 00:52 after midnight, UAE time, and its maximum intensity will occur at 00:14 UAE time. The last stage of the eclipse begins with the penumbra phase at around two hours and twenty-six minutes after midnight, UAE time. This phase of the eclipse lasts approximately four hours and twenty-five minutes and can be observed by anyone. During the time of the event, he notices that the moon is present.

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