Urgent.. the announcement of the internet blackout around the world is real or not

Is the announcement of the internet blackout around the world is real or not, A video that has been circulating on social media shows a broadcaster saying that "Internet users around the world are anticipating the disruption of Internet services on October 11." Along with it came a news article suggesting that "the Internet will be cut off all over the world."

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After further investigation, it became apparent that both the news and the video were false. The truth is that the video was pieced together, in a misleading form, from an old episode of the "His Excellency the Citizen" programme, on MBC, dating back to October 2018, during which the Saudi media personality, Ali Al-Olayani, spokesman for the Authority, hosted... Communications and Information Technology in Saudi Arabia, Adel Abu Hamid, after the news circulating that day, about fears of a terrorist attack.

The information that was disseminated via social media confirmed that users of the internet all around the world are preparing for an interruption of internet services on October 11. After technical experts explained that the company responsible for Internet supplies will change what is known as the attraction zone, the news was attributed to the British newspaper The Mirror, with the aim of "changing the encryption keys that help protect the domain name system on the Internet, for the first time." The impact will be limited and confined to entities that have not updated the programmes and systems related to the domain name system. However, a catastrophe may occur as a result of this news.

These charges, however, were proved to be false after further investigation, and the British publication did not publish anything that might be construed in a similar vein.

One more possible outcome

In a different possible outcome, early adopters of social media disseminated the news that NASA had issued a warning about a strong solar storm that was predicted to occur on October 10 and 11, 2023. Immediately after this warning, rumours began to circulate that the storm might disrupt internet service across the globe.

These allegations are based on what people all across the world saw when a massive solar storm hit the Earth in 1859 and again in 1921; both of these storms caused significant damage to the planet at the time they occurred.

The proponents of this news went on to suggest that the impending solar storm will be one of the primary reasons for disconnecting the world from the Internet. They explained that this would be an unavoidable consequence of the rays that the Earth would be exposed to during the event, which would have an effect on the standard of Internet services.

The NASA denies

Following the widespread dissemination of the information, it became necessary for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to release an official statement in which it remarked on the rumours of an Internet outage around the world and indicated that this information is absolutely incorrect.

It has been certified by NASA that there is no proof, data, or other signs that were identified that indicate that the world will have any problems with Internet services in the next short period of time.

There is no clear threat, based on verifiable facts and accurate information, that the Internet will be shut off from the world, as stressed by NASA, who urged the population of the world not to be misled by such claims and emphasised that there is no clear threat of this happening.

NASA urged all of us not to trust these rumours and fake news reports, and they emphasised that there is no cause for concern or panic in this situation.

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