Details of the police initiative to make workers happy in Abu Dhabi

The "Cold Their Summer" initiative was announced by the police to make workers happy in Abu Dhabi. The initiative included caring for workers, especially in construction sites. make workers happy in abu dhabi

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The "Cold Their Summer" program is being carried out by the police in Abu Dhabi in an effort to make the local workforce more content.

The "Cold Their Summer" program was announced by the police in Abu Dhabi in an effort to make the city's workforce more content. As part of the project, care was provided for workers, particularly those on construction sites.

Abu Dhabi Police initiative for workers "cool their summer"

A program to help workers in Abu Dhabi "cool their summer", Workers at construction sites in the Mussafah region benefited from the "Cold Their Summer" initiative that was carried out by the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters' Criminal Security Sector's External Areas Police Directorate as part of the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters' Criminal Security Sector. This initiative included the distribution of cold drinks and water in conjunction with the Municipal Presence Center in Mohammed bin Zayed City in Abu Dhabi and Al-Ahlia Hospital.

Reasons for implementing the “Cold Their Summer” initiative for workers in Abu Dhabi

The rationale behind the decision to execute the "Cold Their Summer" project for workers in Abu Dhabi, Colonel Youssef Mohammed Al Muhairi, Director of Musaffah Police Station, confirmed that the initiative comes as an achievement of the strategic priorities of the Abu Dhabi Police, seeking to enhance security and safety and the happiness of society, pointing to the continuous interest in achieving the principle of solidarity and social cohesion, by alleviating the segment of workers who are required to perform their duties in open areas, particularly when the temperatures are high. The sweltering heat during the summer months as well as the confirmation of the pioneering role that workers have played in the process of development and development that Abu Dhabi has witnessed.

Abu Dhabi Police initiative activities for workers

Initiatives taken by the Abu Dhabi Police Department for employees, In accordance with the Abu Dhabi Health Authority's initiative to implement the Emirate's Environment, Health and Safety Management System, which focuses on raising awareness of occupational risks, and providing workers with the necessary resources to raise awareness and education, and reduce heat stress. to keep them safe, a medical staff member from Al-Ahlia Hospital's Mussafah branch participated in providing advice and guidance to educate workers about health. This was done in order to educate workers about health. (wam)

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