The court in Abu Dhabi orders a woman to pay 10,000 dirhams in compensation to a man

The Abu Dhabi Court issued a court ruling requiring a woman to pay 10,000 dirhams in compensation to a man she beat and injured.

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A woman is obligated to compensate a male with 10,000 dirhams by an Abu Dhabi court.

A judgment was rendered by the Abu Dhabi Court mandating that a woman remit a sum of 10,000 dirhams as restitution to the man whom she had assaulted and injured.

Abu Dhabi arbitrator punishes a woman who hit a man, causing him pain and sadness

An Abu Dhabi arbitrator sanctions a woman who inflicted agony and sorrow on a man by striking him, The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court rendered a verdict requiring a woman in a relationship with a man to compensate him with 10,000 dirhams. During their relationship, the woman assaulted him through beating, causing him physical harm and psychological harm, as evidenced by his distress, grief, and the dissemination of fear. Amid that occurrence.

A man sues a woman for assaulting him by beating him, and demands 50 thousand dirhams in compensation

A man sues and demands fifty thousand dirhams in compensation from a woman who assaulted him by striking him, Precisely, the "plaintiff" male initiated legal proceedings against the "defendant" female. Upon the conclusion of the proceedings, he demanded that she fulfill his demand for fifty thousand dirhams, representing both material and moral harm endured. Additionally, he imposed the obligation for the defendant to cover attorney's fees, expenses, and costs, and requested that the judgment be enforced expeditiously. A criminal case was initiated following the incident in which the defendant assaulted the plaintiff's bodily integrity, resulting in the injuries detailed in the medical report. The defendant was held without bail on the grounds that the parties to the lawsuit are romantically involved. A judgment of conviction for the defendant on the assault and battery charge against her was rendered in absentia by the criminal court. The defendant was fined a sum of two thousand dirhams as a consequence. In response to the defendant's objection, the court determined that it was appropriate to accept the opposition in principle but ultimately deny it and uphold the opposing ruling. She filed an appeal after being dissatisfied with the decision; consequently, the court rendered a decision in her presence and denied the appeal. The appeal regarding the cassation ruling was denied, and the plaintiff incurred both material and moral harm due to the assault committed by the defendant.

Abu Dhabi court punishes a woman who beat a man

An Abu Dhabi court sanctions a woman for assaulting a male, The court elaborated on the plaintiff's demand for material and moral compensation in the amount of fifty thousand dirhams, stating that Article 282 of the Civil Transactions Law specifies that the perpetrator is obligated to guarantee the damage for any harm inflicted upon another, even if he lacks discernment. This passage meant that there are three components that comprise tort liability: error, injury, and their causal relationship. An error that engenders accountability is characterized as a violation of a legal duty that demands an individual to exercise the same level of caution and foresight in their conduct as average citizens do in order to prevent damage to others. Deviating from the expected behavior that influences others' actions constitutes an error, as determined by the court through proof. The criminal ruling establishes that the defendant bears culpability for assaulting the bodily integrity of the plaintiff. This liability is based on the defendant's fault. The plaintiff incurred material damage due to the assault and beating, as evidenced by the agony he experienced (attached medical report). In addition, a criminal report was filed with the police and transportation department, and the case was subsequently pursued. The defendant suffered criminal and moral harm as a result of the distress, grief, and dread that he instilled in others during the incident; the court awards ten thousand dirhams in compensation for these losses.

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