The court in Dubai fined an expatriate woman 10,000 dirhams and deprived her of using the Internet

The Dubai Court of Appeal issued a court ruling against a foreign expatriate, fining her 10,000 dirhams and prohibiting her from using the Internet as punishment for her offensive comments against a company in the Emirates.

An expatriate lady was ordered to pay a fine of 10,000 dirhams and was barred from using the internet by a court in Dubai.

As a result of the derogatory remarks that the defendant made regarding a local business in the Emirates, the Dubai Court of Appeal issued a verdict that found the defendant guilty and sentenced her to pay a fine of 10,000 dirhams and be banned from using the internet.

Dubai court supports punishing a European woman who insulted a real estate company

The publication known as "Dubai Appeal" is in favor of prosecuting a European woman for defaming a real estate corporation, A European woman was found guilty of insulting a real estate company and recording statements accusing fraud and deception through a comment on the Maps application. The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a ruling that was issued by a court of first instance, which fined her 10,000 dirhams, banned her from using the information network for a period of three months, and deleted all insulting expressions from the international information network.

Insulting comments against institutions and companies in the UAE are punishable by law

In the United Arab Emirates, it is against the law to make derogatory remarks about public organizations and private businesses, In June of the previous year, an official working for a real estate company stated that a European woman had insulted and slandered their place of business. The incident that led to this case took place in June. The employee who was the "whistleblower" stated that he had read nasty comments about the company that he works for through the Google Maps program. As a result, the appropriate authorities were alerted, and the accused person was identified.

Punishment for a woman whose online comments offended a company in the UAE

A woman who upset a corporation in the UAE with her comments online received the appropriate punishment, During the investigation, a police officer reported that he summoned a woman who was 38 years old, and while she was being questioned, she disclosed that she had purchased three apartments in 2018, of which she received two apartments on time, but the third apartment was delivered to her later than expected. As a result, she posted a comment on the Google Maps application advising members of the community to avoid doing business with the company that had tricked her and had not delivered the apartment she had purchased. The total amount of its assets is greater than 500,000 dirhams, which is the price of one of the residential units. The court deemed the woman who submitted the complaint to be guilty and handed down the aforementioned verdict since the case file revealed that there were no contracts, either past or present, between the company and the woman who lodged the complaint.

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