The court obligates a man to pay 340 thousand dirhams in Abu Dhabi because of motorcycles

The court in Abu Dhabi recently issued a new ruling requiring a man to pay 340,000 dirhams due to a motorcycle agreement that he did not fulfill after seizing the money from the victim.

Due to the fact that he had motorcycles, the court in Abu Dhabi has ordered a man to pay 340 thousand dirhams.

After taking the money from the victim, the court in Abu Dhabi has recently handed down a new verdict that requires a guy to pay 340,000 dirhams as a result of a motorcycle agreement that he could not complete. The victim was the one who had the money taken from him.

Abu Dhabi Court punishes a fraudster by fining him 340 thousand dirhams

A fraudster was punished by the Abu Dhabi Court by receiving a fine of 340 thousand dirhams, The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court ruled that a person was required to return 322 thousand dirhams, and it also fined him 18 thousand dirhams, to another person. This was because the first individual had verbally contracted with the second individual to buy three motorcycles, and the first individual transferred part of the amount to him, and the second individual handed him the rest of the amount in cash. However, the first individual did not carry out what they had agreed to do. He did not give him back the money that he owed him.

A report to the UAE authorities against a fraudster who seized 322 thousand dirhams

A complaint against a con artist who stole 322,000 dirhams, which was submitted to the authorities in the UAE, The guy had taken legal action against the other individual, and at the conclusion of the case, he sought that the other individual be ordered to pay him a total of 322 thousand dirhams, plus compensation of 80 thousand dirhams, plus interest at a rate of 12%, as well as obligating the other individual to pay costs, expenses, and fees. In reserve, directing the complementary and decisive oath for both of them, the plaintiff stated that he orally contracted with the defendant to acquire three motorcycles and gave 192 thousand and 900 dirhams to the defendant. In addition, the plaintiff said that he directed the complementary and decisive oath for both of them. Additionally, he gave him 130,000 dirhams in cash; nevertheless, he did not carry out the agreement and did not return the sum to him. As a result, he decided to sue him for breach of contract. He included screenshots of his account statements as well as screenshots of his WhatsApp discussions as attachments.

Trial of a fraud accused in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the location of a trial for an accused fraudster, The judge explained that the plaintiff had given the defendant a total of 322,000 dirhams with the expectation that he would provide three motorcycles in exchange for the money. However, the defendant did not comply with the request, and the money was not returned to the plaintiff. When this occurred, the judge had reviewed the pictures of the conversations and the attached account statements, and he finished them by directing the defendant to finish the oath that he had taken. The defendant, despite his presence, did not prove any reason for the transfer of the amount to him from the plaintiff, amounting to 192 thousand and 900 dirhams, which was proven to be transferred to his account, and as a result, the court proves the validity of the plaintiff handing over to the defendant a total of 322 thousand dirhams, to buy bicycles, and the defendant's failure to implement that or return it. the amount. As a consequence of this, the court has ordered him to pay back 322,000 dirhams to the plaintiff.

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