Urgent.. The UAE announces the date of the 2023 solar eclipse

Because the enigmatic 'ring of fire' solar eclipse will not be seen anywhere in the Arab world, astronomers and observers from the United Arab Emirates may go to the United States to witness it

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The annular solar eclipse, sometimes known as the 'ring of fire' eclipse, is scheduled to take place on October 14. The moon will travel in front of the sun during this occurrence, which will result in the sun being partially obscured and the creation of a breathtaking ring of unfiltered sunlight known as the annulus.

Taking place in New Mexico

Hasan Al Hariri, the chief executive officer of Dubai Astronomy Group, predicted that the path of the eclipse would resemble a ring eclipse. Because the moon will be passing in front of the sun, an effect similar to a ring of fire will be seen, This is where the name originates from, so to speak. A few years ago, it could be seen from the UAE, and a large number of people took advantage of the opportunity to view it, Observing it was like being treated to a show. This gathering will take place on the 13th and 14th of October, and we may send some delegates to the city of Albuquerque in the state of New Mexico to help plan it. Additionally, we will be handing out glasses to see the solar eclipse there."

He went on to say that people in the United States, all the way from the West coast down to the Caribbean, and all the way down to South America, would be able to watch the solar eclipse. This will be one of the most visible eclipses ever and will also be one of the longest ones. Therefore, a large number of people in the United States will be able to view this, either in part or in its entirety.

When suitable eye protection is used, one is able to make out every detail of the astronomical event being observed, Depending on where you are along the journey it is taking, the amount of time you will be able to see it will range from slightly more than a minute to about five minutes.

The Dubai Astronomy Group will broadcast the event live online

"The United Arab Emirates will not be able to see the eclipse. However, we will make an effort to share it via the Dubai Astronomy Group's YouTube page and any other social media channels that we have access to, Therefore, viewers have the option of watching the event in either its live or recorded form This is a one-of-a-kind occurrence that will pique the interest of many people all over the world who like to keep an eye on the sky. There will be participation from NASA. The vast majority of astronomy societies across both North and South America will be participating in events to raise awareness of this event as well as observing it This will serve as the prelude for another total eclipse that will take place in the United States in the month of April of the following year," he continued.

When did the United Arab Emirates last see an annular solar eclipse?

An eclipse of the sun happens when the moon is in its new moon phase and is aligned exactly between the sun and Earth. This causes the moon to obscure the sun's light and throw a shadow on our planet. The most common kind is called a partial eclipse, and it occurs twice a year on average. In June of 2020, certain areas, such as the Gulf region, which included the UAE, as well as sections of central and eastern Asia and a few areas in central and eastern Africa, were able to witness the more exceptional 'annular' eclipse.

An annular eclipse, much like a partial eclipse, does not completely obscure the moon's image This happens when the moon is at its farthest point from Earth, which makes the sun appear slightly larger than the moon This is because the sun is closer to Earth than the moon is It gives the appearance of a dark disc surrounded by a bright ring as the moon passes across the face of the sun as seen from Earth. Because of this striking appearance, the annular eclipse is also referred to as the "ring of fire."

Prior to that, the most recent annular eclipse that was visible in the UAE occurred in December 2019, although the occurrence that occurred prior to 2019 occurred 172 years ago.


Starting in Oregon at 12.13 p.m. EDT (Eastern time; 8.13 p.m. UAE time), the eclipse is scheduled to occur with a path of annularity that is 125 miles wide, leave the United States about 1.03 p.m. EDT, and then continuing southeastward towards Central and South America. During the partial eclipse that will be seen in Washington on October 14, it will begin at noon and reach its peak at 1.19 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. During this time, the moon will cover approximately 30 percent of the sun's disc. At 15:39 Eastern Daylight Time, the eclipse will come to an end.

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