Urgent.. The UAE announces the date of the professional licensing test for 12 categories of teacher and assistant jobs

The UAE announces the date of the professional licensing test for 12 categories of teacher and assistant jobs, The Emirates Foundation for School Education has issued a call to action to all teachers working in government-run schools, requesting that they sign up for professional licencing exams that are scheduled to take place on October 8th.

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It brought to everyone's attention the fact that, in accordance with the Educational Professions Licencing Policy of the Ministry of Education, all instructors who are not already licenced or who hold transitional licences are required to register for the licencing test that will take place in October 2023.

The examination is designed to evaluate candidates for positions as teachers and assistants in a total of 12 different subject areas and cycles within the educational institution. These include mathematics and Arabic language teachers for the second and third cycles, biology teachers for the third cycle, chemistry teachers for the third cycle, computer sciences, health sciences, a professional test for special education teachers, and laboratory secretaries for biology, chemistry, and physics. And professionals in the field of special education.

What is it teacher licence

The term "teacher licence" refers to all educators who instruct students in academic topics, professional subjects, and languages. The other two categories of educational profession licences are "administrator licence" and "instructor licence." The "school leaders licence" and the "school professions licence" are the second and third licences, respectively. The "school leaders licence" is aimed at principals and their assistants, while the "school professions licence" is aimed at libraries and learning resource centres. In addition to a school professions licence for specialists of persons of determination, positions such as laboratory secretaries, teaching assistants, academic and vocational advisers, and guidance and counselling specialists are also included in this category.

The Ministry of Education has established eight goals that are meant to reflect the significance of licencing educational professions. These goals include achieving international standards in education, highlighting distinguished competencies in the educational field, continuous development of the teacher, raising the level of his competencies, and raising the level of student performance in light of the best modern and international practises. In addition to this, one of the goals is to restrict the many talents that teachers have, to invest in exceptional pupils as a means of providing support for the educational process, and to encourage teachers to be creative within their own areas of competence.

How to obtain a professional license

A licence can be gained by successfully completing a series of exams. These exams will consist of two parts: one will test your knowledge of specific subject matter, and the other will test your ability to teach various subjects. In the event that the examination is not successfully completed, the instructor will be required to enrol in a training programme that is designed to qualify him and develop his qualifications in accordance with the demands he aspires to in order to achieve the desired results. The training period lasts for a variable amount of time, according by the requirements of the instructor, and is then followed by a retest.

In an effort to achieve the highest possible levels of education that are both specialised and professional, the educational cadre licencing system was put into place. This decision was made on the basis of the UAE's ambition for excellence and the development of the knowledge industry.

The Ministry of Education has been hard at work to link the electronic teacher licence system to the Emirates ID. This will make it easier for the Ministry of Education to invite teachers who are already enrolled in the system to take the licence exams that would allow them to work as teachers in the Emirates.

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