The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced drivers to two years in prison and fined them 147,000 dirhams

The Dubai Criminal Court issued a two-year prison sentence against two drivers and fined them 147,000 dirhams equally between them.

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The Dubai Criminal Court handed down sentences of two years in prison as well as fines totaling 147,000 dirhams against the drivers.

Two drivers were found guilty of driving while under the influence of drugs and were sentenced to two years in prison as well as a fine of 147,000 dirhams, which was split evenly between them.

Dubai Court punishes two drivers for theft

The Dubai Criminal Court convicts two drivers for stealing, An Asian driver was unable to resist the temptation of having an envelope in his possession in the business car that contained 147,000 dirhams, and he ended up losing the money. He made the most of an opportunity for the accountant and another person who was with him to come down to a supermarket in International City to buy some products, and he took advantage of this occasion. He abandoned them and the car with the intention of stealing the sum of money. The driver called a colleague of his in the company and told him what he had done, and they agreed to divide the amount between them, but they were arrested by the police and referred to the Public Prosecution in Dubai, and from there to the Criminal Court, which ruled that they be imprisoned for two years, fined equally with the stolen amount, and deported from the state, as well as having their passports revoked, as a result of their involvement in the theft. During the course of the investigations being conducted by the prosecution, the first accused individual confirmed under questioning that he was in possession of the vehicle and that he had taken the money. Despite the fact that the second defendant denied any involvement in the theft, the court decided to change the charge that was first assigned to the second driver from theft to possession of an amount derived from a theft crime. This decision was made on the basis of the defendants' confession. It came to the conclusion that the evidence against them was sufficient, and as a result, it decided to find them guilty.

A driver steals 147 thousand dirhams from his company and divides it with his colleague

A driver takes 147 thousand dirhams without permission from his employer and splits the money with his coworker, According to the circumstances of the case as shown by the court, the two defendants had worked for an electronics trade company as drivers. The first defendant, who was accompanied by the accountant and another individual at the time, was in possession of the vehicle. He pulled up close to a grocery store, and his two traveling companions got out to go inside and make some purchases. During this time, the accused had the notion of stealing the vehicle, because the accountant had left an envelope in the car with 147 thousand dirhams in it, so he quickly left, and called the second accused and told him what happened, and they divided the amount, then he asked the latter to keep his share with him, but they were not happy with the theft, as they were arrested, and they are currently facing charges. The victim accountant in this incident stated that he was riding in the stolen vehicle with the accused and a third person, and that he went down with the latter to buy cigarettes and soft drinks, and left after about five minutes, but he did not find the driver, so he tried to call him, but his phone was off, so he realized that he had seized the driver. This information was provided by the accountant who was the victim in this incident. The amount that was in the envelope that was found in the vehicle.

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