The Emirates issues 6 prohibited measures against students in schools

The government of the United Arab Emirates has declared that searching for students within schools is prohibited, and the student behavior management regulation will apply to all public education institutions in the Emirates, from third grade to twelfth grade, as well as students in continuing education.

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She emphasized that the student behavior management regulation strives to meet the Emirati school's objectives, which are represented by instilling and developing excellent morals and practicing positive behavior.

The government reveals school-based controls for dealing with students.

The regulation prohibits school employees from engaging in a number of procedures when dealing with students, including corporal punishment in all of its forms, forms, and images, deprivation of eating meals, provocation or mockery of the student, preventing the student from defecating, restricting the student's freedom or detaining him in school, lowering academic grades, or threatening to do so.

And it demonstrated the controls for applying the procedures against the student, as the student is dealt with on the basis of respecting his personality and feelings according to a set of controls, which include avoiding cruelty, psychological abuse, defamation, insult, and sarcasm, and not generalizing in applying the procedures to the class or school for a mistake committed by one of the students, and achieving justice and equality in treatment among the students.

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Procedure for dealing with infractions

And she described the system for dealing with infractions, stating that a deduction is made from the degree of behavior, based on the violations indicated: if it is of the first (simple) degree, four degrees are deducted. And if it is of the second degree (moderate risk), eight degrees are subtracted, 12 degrees are deducted if it is of the third degree (hazardous), and "failing" in the behavior course is computed if it is of the fourth degree (very dangerous).

According to the digital government, the student behavior management regulation aims to promote and enhance positive behavior among students within the school community, reduce behavioral violations, create an appropriate educational environment to promote the principle of integrated upbringing, and apply the principles and culture of encouragement and care in society, to reduce behavioral violations, inform students and parents of their obligations.

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One of the fundamental subjects taught in Emirati schools is behavior.

According to these laws, the behavior topic is considered one of the core academic subjects that reflects the student's achievement outcomes from moral elements, and it is treated in terms of success and failure like the other subjects.

The subject of behavior receives 100 points. The behavior grade is provided on the basis of two elements: positive behavior, which is required of students without committing infractions, and it receives 80% of the overall behavior grade; and each student is automatically entitled to this mark at the start of each semester. If someone violates the rules, he will face consequences based on the severity of the infraction as specified in the rules.

The student's exceptional practices are reflected in his or her outstanding behavior. This behavior is worth 20% of the entire grade. The expected behavior minimum is 60%. The student is offered opportunities to make up for credits that were taken away during the academic year.

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