Urgent.. The Emirates announces a new fare for taxis

The Emirates announces a new fare for taxis, As fuel prices for September were published on Thursday, the Ajman transport authority announced new taxi pricing in the emirate.

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The Ajman Transport Authority has set the cab rate for this month at Dh1.90 per kilometre, a 6-fil rise from Dh1.84 in August.

The increase comes as petrol prices in the country rise for the third month in a row. Super 98 petrol now costs Dh3.42 a litre, up from Dh3.14 in August, while Special 95 has gone from Dh3.02 to Dh3.31. E-Plus 91 is now Dh3.23, up 9.5% or 28 fils from its previous price of Dh3.23.

Despite the price increase, local rates are still one-third lower than the global average.

new fare for taxis in UAE
Emirates Taxi

Launching a new system for booking taxis

The Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority has introduced a new system for booking cabs by scanning QR codes located throughout the emirate.

This aligns with the authority's aim of "leading the way in regulating the transport sector and ensuring the provision of safe, reliable, and intelligent transport services."The QR code booking system, which is based on the customer's location, was launched to provide new intelligent and innovative channels for ordering taxi services.

Mohamed Hashem Esmaeel, Director of Control and Operation Department, confirmed the service's uniqueness and described the procedure.

The customer scans the QR code with his or her mobile phone and subsequently enters personal information. The technology then automatically calculates the customer's location and sends requests to taxis in the surrounding locations. Taxis are outfitted with smart metres that accept requests. The taxi driver can then respond to it.

The pre-order service was initially available in hospitals and health centres around the emirate, and it is now being expanded to suit the demands of customers and improve the emirate's quality of life.

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