The Emirates issues solutions to improve the quality of education

Schools have been witnesses to significant developments in the field of education and the use of technology over the course of the last period, and educational institutions have competed to apply a package of educational solutions that were developed to improve the quality of education and enhance the student experience, and at the top of the scene are 5 Educational Solutions represented in "Project-Based Education, Cooperative Education, game-based education, online Education, and Blended Education."

According to Mohammed Al-mayor, an expert in education, improving the quality of education has become the primary concern of educational institutions, This is because each educational institution strives to achieve quality and work to improve its goals to graduate students who are capable of facing challenges. As a result, educational institutions turn to some new educational solutions and implement them so that they can catch up.

It is necessary for each educational institution to implement these solutions according to its educational system and available capabilities, as the goals of these solutions are to improve students' ability to interact with one another, think critically, and improve their self-learning skills.

He explained that one of the educational solutions that many educational institutions are turning to is project-based learning, and that this method focuses on students learning through practical projects that they do. In these projects, students work to solve a complex problem, create a product, or implement an experiment, thereby gaining knowledge and skills in a real and tangible context, He also stated that this method is one of the reasons why many educational institutions are turning to project-based learning.

Cooperative effort

The mayor emphasized the significance of taking into account cooperative learning, which promotes teamwork and cooperation between students and teachers, which in turn contributes to the development of critical thinking, communication skills, and teamwork, The mayor also emphasized the application of game-based learning, which involves the use of educational games to make the learning process fun and interactive, Games offer an interactive learning environment that assists students in comprehending the material.

The company Alef Educational Solutions stated that it is eager to provide students with tools that enable them to achieve their educational goals, and that it seeks to empower students through innovative educational solutions, and provide them with the tools and resources necessary to achieve excellence in the digital age, through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. For its part, Alef Educational Solutions company said that it is keen to provide students with tools that enable them to achieve their educational goals.

It has been confirmed by Alef Education that during the current school year, the company is working on establishing a variety of technology-based educational solutions for students, These solutions, which include fundamental programs and tracks, have the goal of enhancing students' achievement by combining aspects of games and motivational tools into Alef Education's system.Students, for instance, are rewarded with "Alef medals" in the form of stars and badges if they have successfully achieved the tasks.

The student will also receive a spot on the class leaderboard, and teachers will have the ability to automatically create and submit student certificates, with copies that can be easily printed out. The purpose of these solutions is to recognize and reward students for their exemplary academic performance and their dogged determination throughout the course of their educational pursuits, and to encourage and inspire them to continue working toward the accomplishment of their educational objectives.

"Alef" emphasized that it provides additional ways to enrich the educational experience and diversity the learning experience for students. These additional methods include more educational resources, advanced instructional materials, and interactive activities to assist students in acquiring a wider breadth of information.

"A" offers adaptive multi-trial diagnostic tests in addition to other diagnostic tests, which teachers and students can use to evaluate the students' and teachers' respective educational levels and levels of performance.

This feature includes the capability to download performance reports in PDF format, limit the number of attempts, and the possibility of temporarily postponing tests to give students additional time to prepare. Additionally, the platform can be accessed and logged in using the "iPad" , as well as other smart tablet devices, providing students with easy access to educational materials and tests.

Education's Level of Excellence

According to a study that was carried out by the company and included 1,400 participants from the region, it was discovered that 60% of respondents in the education sector believe that technology gives students better access to educational materials, This was stated by Frank Oliveira, who is the consumer sales manager at Epson Middle East.

Epson is investing approximately 1.14 million euros in research and development, which reflects the company's commitment to a culture of creativity and innovation, He added that the company is working to support the new roles of teachers and increase the level of interaction and creative participation in the classroom.

Oliveira mentioned that they provide a variety of technical solutions, such as current printers that do not require ink or heat, interactive projectors, scanning systems, and Document Cameras, all of which contribute to the provision of an ideal atmosphere for interactive learning.

For her part, Badria Al Yasi, the director of the Salma al ansaria Foundation School for girls in Dubai, explained that online learning is a way for students to access educational materials, lessons, and information at any time and from anywhere, and they can learn at their own pace, so we are eager to make online learning an auxiliary means for our students that enables them to self-learn. She said that students can access educational materials, lessons, and information at any time and from anywhere.

She stated that we intend to implement the use of technology in education by concentrating on educational applications and multimedia in order to raise the standard of Education and to make learning more effective.

Students use online learning technologies to access educational materials and carry out additional educational activities outside of the classroom, while using the classroom to interact with the teacher and colleagues and apply the concepts learned online, This is in addition to the integrated learning application that combines traditional classroom education with online learning.

The use of technology in education

According to Robert speed, vice president for worldwide sales at power School, everyone is aware of the wide spread and substantial growth that education technology has achieved in recent years, as the value of the global market size of the education technology sector reached 85 billion dollars in 2021, Robert speed also stated that everyone is aware of the considerable growth that education technology has achieved recently.

It is anticipated that global expenditures on education and training will reach 10 trillion USD by the year 2030, This is due to the rise in population in developed markets, which will result in a greater need to increase the volume of expenditures, as well as the development of technology, which will require the acquisition of new skills as well as the refinement of existing skills in more advanced economies.

He continued by saying that technology is an essential component in the process of enhancing the standard of education. He explained that technologies help grab the attention of students and offer them opportunities for interactive and individualized learning, As a result, we were eager to provide a comprehensive platform that offers solutions that meet the requirements of classrooms as well as students learning at home, as well as administrative and instructional bodies.

Intelligent platforms

At the Emirates private school in Abu Dhabi, educational specialist Akram Zaki Ibrahim pointed out that there are digital platforms supporting school materials that will provide practical solutions and help the student to innovate, self-learning, research, and auditing, These digital platforms are provided by the Ministry of education for the ministerial curriculum, the most notable of which is the LMS Smart Learning Portal Platform, and a set of platforms emerge from it that includes all school materials in the ministerial curriculum.

He mentioned that the "ALEX" platform is a learning tool that is geared for students studying in the fields of science and mathematics.

He added that the "Matific" platform and the "Tig tag" platform both offer students educational video content in Arabic and English in mathematics that is focused on the learning and playing style of the student.

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