uae | Conditions for the return of residents who have been absent for 6 months

The General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the United Arab Emirates clarified the special conditions for the quality of residents who have been absent from returning to the Emirates for a period of 6 months.

Conditions for the return of residents outside the Emirates again

The Department of Residence Affairs in the UAE, in response to a question related to the possibility of returning residents who have been absent and resided abroad for more than six months, indicated that it urges them to return, but on the condition that they adhere to the following conditions. The question was posed through her Twitter account.

  • The person must submit the application while actually outside the UAE.
  • 180 days must pass after departure from the country before the application can be submitted.
  • It is needed that the cause for the absence be explained, which can be anything from studying to receiving treatment, and this explanation needs to be submitted to the application.

The United Arab Emirates General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs has made it known that a review of the application will take place if these prerequisites are satisfied. This review will include a copy of the applicant's residency visa for the Emirates. If the application is approved, the resident will be required to return to the Emirates as soon as possible and within a time frame that does not exceed thirty days.

The Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs also stated that residents who are absent from the nation for more than 30 days will be subject to a fine of one hundred UAE dirhams if they return to the country after being absent.

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It is noteworthy that the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in the UAE has established a number of procedures regarding the obtaining of an electronic entry permit. After completing these procedures, the individual is required to wait until the approval is issued, after which he is able to book travel tickets, with the following requirements needing to be met:

1- A portrait of the individual in color.

2- A duplicate of the individual's residency permit

3- A photocopy of a current and valid passport.

4- Evidence indicating the purpose of the trip outside the country, such as a letter from the company, an educational institution, or a medical institution, or, in the case of tourism, the flight tickets

What are the fundamental re-entry permit requirements?

  • Basic applicant information: name, mobile number, and email.
  • ID and passport numbers of sponsors.
  • ID, gender, and birthdate of applicant.
  • Applicants passport information.
  • Reason for remaining outside UAE for over six months.

Steps to apply for a permit for residents to return to the Emirates

1- Sign in to, then click the link that takes you to the resident entry permit service for the Emirates.

2- Fill in all of the needed information as well as your personal details.

3- Please affix all of the necessary paperwork and documentation.

4- To sign in, click the Login button.

It is important to note that the return permission for a Dubai citizen who lives outside the country allows the holder to enter the Emirates within 21 days of the day the clearance was issued. This is something that should be kept in mind.

It has been confirmed by the authorities that the request for a return permit for a resident of the Emirates would be revoked if it is returned three times owing to deficiencies in the data or failing to completely complete the requisite paperwork.

Service fees

The following are the fees that the customer must pay in order for the service to be completed:

  • Fees for electronic services: 28 AED.
  • Fees charged by the Federal Authority: 22 AED.
  • Smart services fees: 100 AED.

How to obtain a 5-year Emirates tourist visa

1- Proceed to the main page of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship's website.

2- After that, select the smart channels you want to watch from the services box.

3- Afterwards, select the additional option that reads "Emirates tourist visa for 5 years for all nationalities."

4- Using the two available options, whether the application came from inside the country or outside the country, determine the sort of application that was submitted. If you want to be able to extend your residency period, choose the option that has you living inside the country, while the option that has you living outside the country is for asking clearance to live there.

5- Make sure to fill out all of the essential information, which includes your "name, address, passport number, educational qualification, and age."

6- You are required to evaluate the service, pay the relevant costs, and attach the documents that are necessary to issue the visa.

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