traffic violation reductions in the The emirates up to 35% with one condition

The Abu Dhabi Police in the United Arab Emirates recently made an announcement regarding new discounts on traffic offences of up to 35%. However, in order to qualify for these significant reductions in fines, the Abu Dhabi Police have stipulated a number of requirements that must be met.

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Discount on traffic waste in the UAE when paid early

The United Arab Emirates Police stated that the fine for the traffic infringement must be paid within sixty days of the date on which the infraction occurred, taking into account the fact that the traffic offense does not pose a risk to drivers.

The police also stated that motorists are eligible for discounts on traffic offences of up to 25 percent if the fines are paid between 60 days to one year of the day they were issued.

It is important to note that the United Arab Emirates has recently made it possible to pay traffic penalties through banks without incurring any interest for a period of up to a year, in order to facilitate the process of paying fines. This change was made in an effort to make the process of paying fines easier.

Changing the number of points earned for traffic violations into a driving license

It is also worth noting that the UAE Police recently provided the opportunity for the driver to convert traffic points into driving, through the smart application in addition to the website of the General Traffic Command in the Emirates.

You can benefit from this service and access it by following the following steps:

1- Open the website of the General Traffic Command in the Emirates.

2- Click on the main menu.

3- Click on “Register Traffic Points”.

4- Enter the traffic file.

If the violator does not own the car, he can enter the traffic file number for the car, conduct an audit and review, and then complete the registration procedures.

The activation code will then be sent via SMS text message to your mobile phone, and after activation, the registration process will be completed immediately.

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