The judiciary in the Emirates requires a husband to pay 3,000 dirhams in compensation to his wife

Hours ago, a new court ruling was issued in the Emirates obligating a husband to pay 3,000 compensation to his wife because he beat her. It also obligated him to pay monthly support for the children and divorce the wife.

The courts in the Emirates mandate that a husband must give a monetary settlement of 3,000 dirhams to his wife.

A couple of hours ago, a new court verdict was handed down in the Emirates that required a husband to pay his wife an amount of compensation equal to three thousand dollars because he had beaten her. In addition to that, it required that he obtain a divorce from his wife and begin paying child support on a monthly basis.

Sharjah Court fines a man 3,000 dirhams because he beat his wife

A guy was given a 3,000 dirham fine by the Sharjah Court for assaulting his wife, The Sharjah Federal Court fined a man 3,000 dirhams after he was convicted of assaulting his wife by beating her. At the same time, the man's wife filed a second lawsuit demanding her divorce from the defendant for harm. This was after she had filed a previous lawsuit to return home, but her defendant husband refused that and became uninterested in the case. Because of what caused her psychological harm, it was difficult for them to remain together for the rest of their lives. In her lawsuit, she demanded that the defendant be obligated to pay the deferred dowry and increase the spousal maintenance stipulated under a previous ruling from the Personal Status Court in Sharjah, by 2,000 dirhams per month, to become 5,000 dirhams per month, and increase the maintenance for her children from 2,000 dirhams to 6,000 dirhams per month, and to confirm her legal custody of the children. She also requested that the defendant confirm her legal custody of the children. The accused was responsible for paying an annual dwelling rent of sixty thousand dirhams, in addition to the bills for power and internet service. For his part, the defendant denied the incident of beating in a reply memorandum through his lawyer. He also denied that it was impermissible to request a ruling to increase alimony for the wife or children, because it had not been one year since the last determination in accordance with the requirements of Article 64 of the Personal Status Law since the ruling was issued. Furthermore, he stated that he is unable to increase the amount of expenses, because his salary is divided between him and his wife. He asked that the action be thrown out on the grounds that there was no evidence that could be used in court to support the claim.

A judicial ruling clarifying the man’s obligations towards his wife and children after divorce

A decision made by the court that explains the man's responsibilities toward his former wife and children following the divorce, Due to the disagreement between the plaintiff and her defendant husband, the court decided to grant the plaintiff an irrevocable divorce and to award the plaintiff a deferral of her dowry as well as fees for her custody of her children in the amount of 500 dirhams for each child until they reach the age of 18, as well as to continue providing housing for the children and their custody in the marital residence or in other housing that is suitable, furnished, and equipped with water and electricity. Internet access and gasoline. In addition, it determined that the defendant must turn over authentic copies of the children's passports, family books, and birth certificates, as well as the original identification cards for each child.

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