The judiciary obligates a man to pay 110,000 dirhams to another in the UAE due to witness testimony

The UAE judiciary obliged a man to pay 110,000 dirhams to another due to the testimony of witnesses who proved the second’s right to recover his money, which the first had borrowed from him earlier and refused to return.

the judiciary in the UAE requires one individual to pay another 110 000 dirhams in compensation.

Due to the testimony of witnesses who demonstrated the second man's entitlement to recover the money that the first man had borrowed from him in the past but had refused to repay, the judiciary in the United Arab Emirates ordered one man to pay 110 thousand dirhams to another man.

Al Ain Court ruled that the borrower was obligated to pay 110 thousand dirhams

The judgment from the Al Ain Court said that the debtor had an obligation to pay 110000 dirhams, The Al Ain Court of First Instance issued a ruling obligating a person to pay an amount of 110,890 dirhams, as compensation to another person. This was because the first person borrowed the amount from the second person on the condition that he return it to him in monthly payments previously agreed upon between them, but the second person only paid a portion of the total borrowed amount, and the claimed amount remained in his possession, and he did not It is paid.

A man loaned money to another and he sued to get the money back

One man lent money to another, and the first man filed a lawsuit to get his money back, In more specific terms, one individual referred to as the "plaintiff" filed a lawsuit against another individual referred to as the "defendant" in which he requested the court to oblige the defendant to pay the value of the claimed amount, which amounted to 105 thousand and 890 dirhams, with legal interest at 12% from the date of filing the lawsuit until full payment, and to compensate for Procrastination in payment of 20 thousand dirhams, in addition to fees and expenses, By paying a total of 43 thousand and 610 dirhams, which was a portion of the entire amount borrowed, but the amount claimed is still outstanding and has not been paid, which is what caused him to initiate the action in the first place.

Witnesses in court prove that a person is entitled to 110 thousand dirhams

The testimony of witnesses in court demonstrates that an individual is entitled to 110,000 dirhams, The first witness for the prosecution testified, after taking the legal oath, that the plaintiff handed over to the defendant an amount of 105 thousand and 890 dirhams, which the plaintiff had remained with the defendant in the amount of 105 thousand and 500 dirhams, which had not been paid. This amount was based on an advance that the defendant had requested from the plaintiff. He witnessed the plaintiff hand over the sums to the defendant, and he was present for the delivery of ten installments, but he was not present for the delivery of the other installments. The defendant posed a question to the witness, inquiring as to whether or not the witness had learned from the defendant that the plaintiff had provided him with financial assistance in the form of loans. The witness responded that he had, in fact, heard from him that the amount had been borrowed, and that it had been found in the apartment.

Al Ain Court obliges a man to pay 110 thousand dirhams and compensate the owner of the money

A man is ordered by the Al Ain Court to pay 110000 dirhams and provide compensation to the rightful owner of the money, The judge ordered that the plaintiff take an oath that was supplemented by the following formula: "I swear by God Almighty, besides whom there is no god, that I have lent the defendant an amount of 149 thousand and 500 dirhams, as a loan, and that the defendant has paid part of it, and that an amount remains in his debt." This was done prior to the judge making a final decision on the case. 105 thousand and 890 dirhams, which he did not return to him, and God is witness to what I say, and at the session scheduled for his attendance, the plaintiff appeared and took the oath in the prescribed form, and the court estimated the compensation for the damages due to him, based on the circumstances and circumstances of the case, at an amount of 5 thousand dirhams as compensation for all the damages that he suffered.

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