The Public Prosecution in the Emirates warns citizens and expatriates of the seriousness of public money crime

The Public Prosecution in the United Arab Emirates issued a new statement warning all citizens and expatriates of the danger of committing public money crimes because the penalties will be significant.

The Public Prosecution in the Emirates issues a warning to both Emirati citizens and expats regarding the severity of offenses involving public funds.

The Public Prosecution in the United Arab Emirates has made a new statement in which they offer a warning to all nationals and expatriates about the dangers of committing crimes involving public money since the fines will be considerable.

The State Public Prosecution raises awareness of the seriousness of “public money crimes”

The State Public Prosecution works to educate the public about how gravely "public money crimes" should be taken, A lecture entitled "The Role of the Public Prosecution in Combating Public Funds Crimes" was hosted at the Hilal bin Zaid Al Shehhi Council in Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi. The event was arranged by the State Public Prosecution in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Councils in the Presidential Office. Ahmed Abdullah Al Hammadi, who is currently serving as the Chief Prosecutor in the Public Funds Prosecution, was the one who delivered the speech. Federal, numerous axes, the most significant of which are the jurisdiction of the Public Funds Prosecution in terms of crimes and in terms of scope, and the mechanism of work of the Public Funds Prosecution, in addition to ways of reporting to all members of society. Federal, multiple axes, the most important of which are the jurisdiction of the Public Funds Prosecution in terms of crimes and in terms of scope. In the beginning of the presentation, the lecturer offered a brief explanation concerning public money, which is defined as money that is owned in whole or in part by a central, regional, or municipal authority. Businesses that are entirely or partially owned by the government of the United States, local governments, organizations, or other public benefit entities.

Establishment of the Public Funds Prosecution in the Emirates

The Emirates have begun the process of establishing a public funds prosecution, In accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. (352) of 2012 regarding the establishment of the Federal Public Funds Prosecution, which aimed to preserve public funds, return looted funds to the state treasury, and achieve public and private repression and deterrence for anyone who dares to commit these crimes, the minutes discussed the importance of establishing the Federal Public Funds Prosecution. Depending on the nature of the offense, the Federal Public Funds Prosecution specializes in prosecuting cases involving the theft of public funds, the use of one's position to enable the seizure of public funds, the destruction of public funds, and any additional crimes that are connected to these primary offenses.

The Public Prosecution establishes a media center, “Awareness,” to spread legal awareness among members of society

The Public Prosecution has established a media center known as "Awareness" in order to raise people's understanding of the law and its implications, It is notable that the Public Prosecution recently opened the Criminal Media Center "Awareness," with the purpose of promoting the legal culture among members of society and raising the level of public knowledge of the criminal laws. This was done in an effort to raise the level of public awareness of the criminal laws. To ensure that his message reaches all members of society, particularly young people and young adults, the center develops plans and programs for legal and community awareness and information media, and launches awareness campaigns about the dangers of negative phenomena and their resulting effects and how to Dealing with and overcoming them.

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