Urgent.. The emirates announces a new method for monitoring vehicle violations

The emirates have announced a new method of tracking traffic offenses; in the first eight months of this year, cellphone use while behind the wheel was to blame for 99 accidents in Dubai, which in turn injured 58 people.

Dubai Police confirmed the usage of smart technology to monitor phone users or people who are otherwise distracted while driving.

Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Traffic Department of Dubai Police, warned against being distracted off-road by using a phone while driving because of the hazards this infringement brings to the lives of innocent people. He stated that using a phone while driving diverts the driver's attention and increases the likelihood of an accident occurring due to interruption.

The dangers of using a phone while driving

He claims that using a phone reduces a person's capacity to act swiftly to prevent an impending threat, particularly when browsing social networks or sending text messages. He went on to say that "being busy with a mobile phone makes the driver closer to someone driving his vehicle while asleep or with his eyes closed, and we can imagine the consequences when this is coupled with another violation, such as deviation or excessive speed."

Violation of using a phone while driving

He emphasized that this infringement is a major or regular cause in the occurrence of serious traffic accidents, noting that many drivers are unaware that being distracted off-road by using a phone while driving endangers their lives and the lives of others. A driver's inability to pay attention for a few seconds may result in a costly collision. He and other innocent persons, citing the 800 dirham punishment and four "black" traffic points for being preoccupied on another road.

Launching awareness campaigns to prevent the use of the phone while driving

He stated that Dubai Police has implemented numerous awareness campaigns about the dangers of being distracted off-road by using a phone while driving, and he showed video clips of people who were distracted by their phones while driving and caused serious accidents that resulted in their death or disability, but some are only deterred.

He noted that the General Traffic Department has been monitoring the primary causes of fatal accidents in recent years, which include failure to give priority to other road users, unexpected swerving, not leaving enough distance, and speeding. In most cases, inattention caused by cell phone use is likely to be a contributing factor. Accidents caused by these factors.

The importance of adhering to traffic rules

Al Mazrouei emphasized the importance of adhering to traffic rules and avoiding anything that could distract the driver from the road and lead to negligence and lack of attention while driving, emphasizing that Dubai Police is intensifying monitoring and follow-up operations for those who do not adhere to traffic rules in various locations to deter them. To attain the greatest levels of traffic safety and security for all road users.

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