The UAE announces free bikes for residents and visitors

Residents and tourists of Dubai who want to take part in the Dubai Ride cycling event but do not have their own bicycles may now take advantage of a partnership between Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Careem Bike, which will provide them with free bicycles.

Participants can pick up their free bikes at Careem's bike docking stations at the Entrance A, Museum of the Future (MOTF), Trade Centre Street, and the Entrance E, Lower FCS, Financial Centre Road next to Roda Al Murooj Building A on a first-come, first-served basis, These stations are located at the Museum of the Future (MOTF) and the Financial Centre Road, respectively.

No additional fees will be charged to participants

During the event, participants will not be charged any additional fees for rides that are longer than 45 minutes, and they will also be able to subscribe to the Careem Bike service and hire a bike from any of Dubai's 192 stations, Because of this project, RTA's collaboration with Careem will be strengthened, and individuals who do not have their own bicycles will find it much simpler to utilize Dubai Ride.

How to get a free bike ride in Dubai

Participants can pick up a free bike ride for Dubai Ride by downloading the Careem app, clicking the 'Bike' button, and subscribing to the 'Dubai Ride Pass' set at Dh00.00 on November 12 beginning at 2 am and continuing until 7.30 am.

Participants have the option of collecting their bicycles from either of the two pop-up stations located close to the entrances A and E of the lower FCS or from any of the 192 Careem Bike docking stations located around the venue. To ride the motorcycles and participate in the Dubai Ride, each individual rider is responsible for bringing their own helmet and registering on the official website.

They will be needed to input the details of their credit card as an additional security measure, but there will be no cost associated with borrowing the bicycles.

Event start date

The Dubai Ride routes will be open to the public beginning at 6.15 in the morning, and all cyclists will start their journey at 6.30 in the morning and finish it at 7.30 in the morning.

"Dubai Ride is a significant platform as part of Dubai 30x30 challenge that promotes a healthy lifestyle among residents and visitors," said Adel Shakeri, Director of Planning and Business Development for the Public Transport Agency and Head of the Sports Team for the RTA. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has the mission of promoting Dubai as a bike-friendly city to tourists and encouraging citizens to choose a mode of transportation that is better for the environment.

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