The UAE begins distributing free seats for children

In order to increase the safety of young children on the roadways, particularly in light of several traffic accidents that have resulted in child fatalities, the United Arab Emirates announced the distribution of kid car seats.

According to a statement issued by the road Department in the Emirati metropolis of Dubai, 47 road incidents occurred during the first 10 months of this year, killing two children and injuring 45 others with varied ailments.

Confirming that the majority of these accidents are the result of harmful parental habits, such as holding children while driving or permitting children under the age of ten or those whose height is less than 145 centimeters to sit in the front seat.

The child seat is safe and reassuring

Based on the foregoing, the Dubai Police General Traffic Department has started an awareness campaign titled "Children's seats are safe and secure" to improve their safety on the roads.

The campaign includes providing free child seats to parents in various streets in order to raise awareness among parents about the significance of installing a child seat in order to protect children from the dangers of accidents.

Children's safety is the administration's top priority

Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Traffic Department at Dubai Police, confirmed that the safety of children and protecting them from the dangers of traffic accidents is one of the department's top priorities, urging parents to follow traffic laws and install child seats in designated places in vehicles.

He warned against wrongdoings that endanger children, such as leaving or keeping the child in the front seat, since this is a flagrant breach of the law and behavior that endangers the child's life and safety.

Allowing someone under the age of ten or someone shorter than 145 centimeters to sit in the front seat is also a violation, and poses a risk to the child's safety if the driver suddenly stops or the vehicle is engaged in a traffic collision.

Because of its small stature, the youngster pushes forward and collides with or is pushed out of the car.

Penalty for non-compliance with traffic laws

He said that the punishment for this infraction is 400 dirhams, stating that the administration documented 47 accidents involving children, resulting in the death of two children, serious harm to another, 19 others with moderate injuries, and 25 minor injuries.

giving parents free seats

The government also provides parents with free seats during the campaign season in a number of ways, honoring the great cooperation of the campaign partners by providing kid seats, presents, and other incentives.

In order to protect everyone in the car, Dubai Police is working with campaign partners to inform the public on the best practices for selecting and installing seats that are appropriate for the age of the child.

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