The UAE Cabinet announces 3 priorities for the next stage

Honourable Dubai's Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him, said the UAE government's annual meetings reflect His Highness's opinions. President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan intends to enhance the national labor system and adopt a development strategy to achieve national and citizen goals.

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"Our priorities for the next stage are to maintain the development and economic momentum, focus on youth, and think differently about our development projects to be more sustainable," His Highness stated. "We also need to redouble our work and national efforts to preserve the current conditions in the region and the times we are living in."Every year that goes by and our continued economic growth demonstrate how important it is to work together as a nation and as a team to strengthen the union.

The first is to sustain the economic and development momentum that the nation is experiencing, strengthen and consolidate it through policies and legislation, facilitate procedures and develop services, and introduce a new package of incentives. His Highness established the priorities for the next stage in three points.

The second goal is putting youth first by fostering their sense of self and values, encouraging their projects, and providing them with chances for employment and the economy that will allow them to live respectable lives.

The third objective is adopting a new way of thinking about economic and development initiatives in order to make them more resource-conscious, environmentally friendly, and sustainable for future generations. This will help ensure that future development projects, regulations, and legislation incorporate sustainability.

"Today we opened the annual meetings of the UAE government, where the 500 most important officials in the country from all its federal and local institutions gather to work in the spirit of one team, one nation, and one flag," His Highness stated in a blog post that was published yesterday on the "X" platform.

"Every passing year confirms the importance of working in the spirit of one team and one nation... working to consolidate the union," His Highness emphasized in his blog post.

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Mohammed Abdullah Al Gergawi, gave an introductory speech to kick off the first day of the annual meetings of the UAE government. He went over the agenda and the main points of discussion that will be covered in order to solidify the nation's leadership position and advance from there toward greater successes and accomplishments across the board.

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