The UAE cancels a woman’s ownership of a car after it is issued because of her license plate number

The UAE police revoked the license to drive an automobile with plate number (123), which belonged to an elderly female citizen from Dibba Al Hisn in the Emirate of Sharjah.

The company stated that it was owned by an elderly woman from the city of Dibba Al-Hisn before selling the triple number that it had possessed for nearly 40 years to citizen Hamid Abdullah bin Rashidoh, who paid 140 thousand dirhams for the number and the vehicle.

The individual was able to secure ownership of the vehicle from the Sharjah Traffic Department, but he was taken aback by the circular on the vehicle, which cancelled it from traffic records, removed the number 123, and referred his ownership to the police.

A binding sales contract cannot be canceled without cause.

For his part, one of the legal counsel noted that despite repeated attempts to contact the Traffic and Public Relations Department, Sharjah Police had not responded to this matter. According to one of the legal counsel, no administrative entity has the authority to annul a binding sales deal without a valid justification.

Particulars of the case

The individual confirmed that he paid 140,000 dirhams for the automobile, a 2004 Toyota Corolla, which was twice the worth of the actual vehicle, but he did so since the vehicle had a distinctive number (123 white).

He added a hadith to the Emirates' press agency, "Emirates Today," that "the number belongs to a citizen called Al-Hajja Rasmiya, whom I have known for several years, as I live in the same area inhabited by her (Dibba Al-Hisn), but due to the deteriorating financial and health conditions that she was going through, I paid her to sell the car and the number for the amount she specified," pointing out that "he went "Things are normal within a legal framework."

"Three days after pledging allegiance and giving up the number, I was surprised by a call from the Traffic Department, in which they informed me that an error in the procedures had occurred, and they asked me to review the Traffic Department," he added. When I arrived, I was shocked to find an official need at the administration headquarters, and I was even more surprised to see that one of the officials stated that there had been an error in the procedures, requesting me to return the number and cancel ownership of the car. While I maintained my firm stance, I canceled possession of the car, revoked the license plates, and returned ownership to Sharjah Police.

No. 123 has been owned since the 1960s.

She further claimed that "the number" 123 "belongs to her husband, Muhammad Abu Issa, and that he obtained it when he was working as a teacher in the sixties, and after his death, in 1992, the number was transferred to my name."

"After our financial situation deteriorated, my children advised me to sell the number in order to save the value of the medicine, which costs me 1,200 dirhams per month, not to mention the household expenses and needs," she stated. So I presented it to a family member, Humaid bin Rashiduh, who agreed, and we concluded the deal in a fully legal manner. But I was astonished to learn that the ownership had been revoked and that the numbers had been withdrawn from both the buyer and the seller."

The most recent police decision is unlawful.

It is worth noting that the Director General of Sharjah Police, Brigadier General Hamid Al Hudaydi, issued a decision not to give up distinctive car numbers in order to avoid family problems caused by the father giving up his distinctive car number to one of his children, infuriating the rest of the children, given that the police had received reports and cases. There are several in this regard.

Furthermore, lawyer Abdul Hamid Al-Kumaiti confirmed that no administrative body has the legal authority to cancel a binding sales contract without a legal reason, explaining that if the sales contract concluded between the seller and the buyer is binding and does not include the condition of approval from an administrative body, it may not be cancelled. Al-Kumaiti deemed Sharjah Police's policy to prohibit the transmission of unique automobile numbers to youngsters to be illegal.

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