The UAE declares 39 days of official holidays during the year this academic year

The current academic year's schedule for public and private schools that follow the curriculum established by the Ministry of education includes a total of 39 days off for official holidays, which are split up across the three semesters and seven different holiday categories.

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According to the calendar that was put up on the website of the Emirates Foundation for School Education, the first official holiday is the birthday of the Prophet, which was communicated to schools on September 29 of the previous year.

Date of the martyr's Day holiday and national day

After an official holiday on the occasion of martyr's day and National Day on the first, second, and third of December, there will be a winter vacation (first semester vacation) for 15 days beginning on Monday, December 11 and lasting until the 29th of the same month, The upcoming month of December includes these three days: the first, second, and third of December, This holiday will be observed on the occasion of martyr's day and National Day.

The date of the second semester vacation

In March 2024, the educational field will receive a spring vacation (second semester vacation), which runs from March 25 to April 12, 2024, and the Blessed Eid al-Fitr vacation (for four days) coincides with the spring vacation, On the occasion of the new year, there will be a vacation for students, administrative staff, and educational staff on the first Monday of January 2024.

The date of the Eid al-Adha holiday

According to the schedule, the educational sector will be given the Eid al-Adha holiday for a total of four days beginning on June 15 and ending on June 18 in 2024, Additionally, a number of holidays will coincide with the two days that make up the weekend, which are Saturday and Sunday.

The number of teaching days was determined by the school calendar to be 185 days, which were then split up between the three semesters, The first semester began on August 28 of the previous year, and the current academic year will end on July 15, 2024 with the beginning of the summer vacation for educational staff, while the beginning of the summer vacation for students will occur on the first of the same month.

The end-of-the-first-semester exams are scheduled to begin on November 24 and continue until the eighth of December, as indicated by the academic calendar, These exams will be followed by three official holidays to commemorate martyr's day and national day, and they will be preceded by exams for Group "B" subjects from November 20 to 23. The official holidays are listed below.

  • The Eid al-Adha holiday lasts for four days, from the 15th to the 18th of June.
  • The month of December 2019 will have three official holidays due to the celebration of national day and martyr's day.
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