The UAE Interior warns citizens and expatriates against dealing with fake accounts that steal their money

The UAE Ministry of Interior has issued a new warning to citizens and expatriates against dealing with fake accounts that steal their money, exploit their emotions regarding the Gaza crisis, and collect donations.

The UAE Interior Ministry issues a warning to both UAE nationals and expatriates not to interact with fraudulent accounts, which can steal their money.

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of the Interior has issued a fresh warning to UAE citizens and expats to be wary of interacting with phony accounts, since these accounts have been known to steal people's money, play on people's emotions surrounding the crisis in Gaza, and collect donations.

Fraudulent accounts on social media sites to donate in the name of “Gaza”

fraudulent accounts created on social networking platforms to solicit financial support under the name "Gaza", Activists on social networking sites have recently been monitoring the spread of anonymous accounts and applications that claim to be an intermediary to collect donations for the benefit of victims of natural disasters and wars, as well as for those affected by the Palestinian brothers in Gaza. They are calling on individuals who wish to lend a helping hand and assistance to exercise extreme caution and be careful not to fall into the trap of scam gangs. And fraud, as well as the necessity of directing their help through proper routes and bodies that have been approved.

The Ministry of Interior called for caution against accounts aimed at defrauding charitable people.

The Ministry of the Interior has issued a warning to be vigilant over online accounts that are designed to mislead charitable donors, Be cautious and wary of these accounts, which aim to defraud charitable people, and direct aid through the official and approved channels announced by the state. For its part, the Ministry of the Interior issued a warning to members of the public about deception operations carried out by fraudsters, with the goal of seizing their money. The ministry called for members of the public to be cautious and wary of these accounts, which aim to seize their money.

The spread of electronic fraud gangs that exploit human sympathy for war victims

The proliferation of technological fraud gangs that take advantage of human compassion for victims of war, The reoccurring phenomenon of electronic fraud gangs exploiting human sympathy for victims of wars and natural disasters, by launching fake account pages on social networking sites and sending messages from phone numbers in different countries to promote fake initiatives, which they claim aim to help victims and displaced people from the wars taking place in some countries of the region, They aim to seize the money of benefactors, which prompted the concerned authorities to warn the public about the situation.

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