The UAE issues a clarification regarding imposing additional fees on tenants

Question: I am now residing in an apartment in Dubai at the moment, In spite of the fact that the Rera rent calculation only permits increases of up to 10 percent, my landlord raised the rent by 20 percent, The Rental Dispute Centre's judge sided with me and gave me a favorable ruling. However, I have since been informed by the landlord that I will be subject to additional fees for amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, and other similar facilities, Previously, I was not responsible for paying for any of these luxuries, Is doing so permissible?

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In response to your questions, the rules of Law No. 26 of 2007 Regulating the Relationship Between Landlords and Tenants in the Emirate of Dubai are applicable to your situation as you are now living in a rented apartment in the Emirate of Dubai.

There is no additional charge to use these facilities

In the emirate of Dubai, a tenant is not forced to pay additional rent or charges for utilizing such amenities, unless the tenant and the landlord have come to an agreement to the contrary, The amenities in a building of a rented apartment are included in the rent, and a tenant is not needed to pay for using such services, This is in compliance with Article 11 of the Dubai Rent Law, which states, "Unless otherwise agreed, the Rent shall cover the use of the Real Property facilities, such as swimming pools, playgrounds, gymnasiums, health clubs, car parks, and other facilities." In other words, the rent covers the use of all of the amenities that come with the property.

Because you are already a tenant in the building and your landlord has not asked you for any additional money for using the amenities in the building in the past, your landlord is not allowed by the law to charge you any additional money for utilizing the amenities in the building where you are renting an apartment, You have the right to advise your landlord that the Dubai Rent Law does not allow landlords to collect additional fees for tenants' use of additional amenities that are included in the building in which the flat is rented, You have the option of filing a complaint against the landlord with the Dubai Rental Dispute Centre in the event that the landlord does not agree with the same.

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