Urgent.. The emirates issues a warning to its citizens

The emirates issues a warning to its citizens, On Thursday, the United Arab Emirates Embassy in The Hague issued a warning to Emirati citizens who are currently residing in the Netherlands.

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As Storm Ciaran pummeled western Europe, particularly the Netherlands, the UAE mission issued a warning that was posted on platform X, advising UAE nationals to exercise caution and follow safety recommendations as the storm moved across the region.

Dutch airline KLM cancels all departures and arrivals

Due to the high continuous wind speeds and severe gusts that were forecast in the Netherlands, the Dutch airline KLM canceled all flights leaving and arriving in the nation from the early afternoon until the end of the day.

Possibility of contacting the UAE Embassy

Emiratis currently residing in the country have the ability to get in touch with the UAE Embassy via the following toll-free numbers: 0097180024 or 0097180044444. They also have the option of utilizing the 'My Tawajodi' service.

Power outage in some areas

The region was pummeled by high winds and rain on Thursday, which resulted in more than one million houses in France being without power. In southern England, hundreds of educational facilities, including schools, remained closed.

Weather condition on Wednesday

Bob Henson, a meteorologist and science writer with Yale Climate Connections, stated on Wednesday that the storm "looks like a once-in-every-few-years storm for the United Kingdom and France." He also said that Ciaran had the potential to become "a once-in-a-generation storm."

The sky will be overcast with occasional drizzle today, and the high temperature will reach only 12 degrees Celsius, the same as it was the day before. The sky will be overcast with occasional drizzle throughout the night, and the low temperature will reach 9 degrees Celsius, which is comparable to what it was the night before.

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