The UAE changed the speeds of these roads and imposes strict fines on violators

The General Traffic Department in the UAE has made new speed adjustments on a number of main roads and internal roads، Through these adjustments, the security services aim to improve the security condition of their roads, and the specified speeds vary according to each city. This leads to enhancing the level of safe driving. For drivers.

Raising the speed of the Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdullah Road

The Fujairah Police General Command in the UAE decided to raise the speed of the Shabikh Hamad bin Abdullah Road, so that the road speed now becomes 91 kilometers per hour instead of 81 kilometers.

The speed on the internal Marbah road was also reduced to 91 kilometers per hour instead of 101 kilometers per hour.

Radar speed on the streets of Fujairah city

The Fujairah Police General Command in the Emirates explained that the speeds set by radars for vehicles on the streets of the city of Fujairah were in the areas of the Corniche, Fujairah, Saif Bin Hamad, Madhab, Kuwait, and internal roads at a speed of 91 kilometers per hour.

It also indicated that the traffic speed for the Fujairah Port Area Road to Murbah is 141 kilometers per hour, and the speed for the Murbah Area Street and Qidfaa Ring Road is 121 kilometers per hour.

The radar speed was also set from the Al Badiyah area street to the Dibba Al Fujairah area at 121 km, the streets of Dibba Al Fujairah city at 91 km, and the Dibba Al Fujairah area street to the Masafi area at 121 km.

While the speed limit for the Dibba-Masafi Truck Street reached 91 km, and the Dibba Al-Fujairah area road to the Al-Tawaiyen area reached 121 km.

Speed limits for Shabikh Maktoum Street

The Fujairah Police General Command also set the speed limit for Sheikh Maktoum Street at 121 kilometres, Sheikh Khalifa Street (entrance to Fujairah City) at 101 kilometres, Sheikh Khalifa Street at 141 kilometres, Yabsa Transit Road at 101 kilometres, the street behind Fujairah Airport at 101 kilometres, and Ahfra Street at 91 kilometres.

It is worth noting that the goal of calibrating the speeds of internal and vital streets in the Emirates is to reduce accidents, according to what was stated by the Fujairah Company.

Amending speed limits on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Street in Abu Dhabi

It is worth noting that Abu Dhabi Police also changed the speed limits on the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates on the main highway to 140 km/h.

The security services in Abu Dhabi made it clear that drivers must avoid the first and second lanes from the left, due to the difference in speeds between them, and imposed fines of up to 400 UAE dirhams on violators.

Determine the optimal speed based on the road's design.

Fujairah Police also confirmed that the process of setting speeds and changing them on a regular basis is carried out in accordance with the design of each road, with the goal of ensuring user safety and improving traffic flow, and in an effort to reduce road accidents and loss of life and property, while being eager to carry out many effective and sustainable programs and ensure safe access. This applies to all drivers.

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