The UAE judiciary orders imprisonment and a fine of 311 thousand dirhams against an expatriate and his wife

The UAE judiciary issued a prison sentence and a fine of 311,000 dirhams against an expatriate and his wife for fraudulently seizing the amount from a Gulf resident.

A sentence of imprisonment and a fine of 311 thousand dirhams has been handed down by the judicial system of the UAE against an expatriate and his wife, An expatriate and his wife were found guilty by a court in the United Arab Emirates of illegally stealing the sum of money from a resident of the Gulf region, which resulted in the couple receiving a prison sentence and a punishment of 311,000 dirhams.

A fake partnership deal caused a Gulf loss of 311 thousand dirhams

A loss of 311 thousand dirhams was incurred by the Gulf as a result of a bogus partnership arrangement, The Court of Misdemeanors and Violations in Dubai ruled that an Arab man should be imprisoned in his presence and his wife should be imprisoned in his absence for three months. In addition, they were jointly fined 311 thousand dirhams and deported from the state after serving their sentences, as they were found guilty of stealing the amount of the fine from a Gulf man after deceiving him. During the inquiry, a police officer said that the report from the criminal laboratory proved that the accused and his wife signed guarantee checks for the whole amount to the victim. It was also proven that the accused had received sums from the victim and deposited them into the account of the institution. The court came to the conclusion that he was guilty and then gave the verdict that was previously announced.

A man and his wife seize the money of a Gulf man in the Emirates

In the Emirates, a man and his wife steal the money from another man who is from the Gulf, It was stated in the case file that the events of which began in 2020, when Al-Khaleeji got to know the accused, through a social networking site, and became his friend, and asked for his help with 50,000 dirhams to redeem a container containing natural roses from one of the ports of the neighboring Emirates, so he handed it to him, and then asked for his participation in an institution that specialized in Technical services, of which he claimed ownership, in exchange for 190 thousand After reaching an agreement with him, he transferred the necessary funds to the organization's bank account. In addition, he stated that the accused person gave him a contract bearing his signature that stated his partnership with 51% of the organization as well as guarantee checks for the cash paid before he was able to access any additional funds. He stated that they were to legitimate the terms of the company, as the total amount of cash reached 311 thousand dirhams, which were seized; nevertheless, the plaintiff did not get any formal paperwork stating that he had become a partner in the firm. He claimed that they were to legalize the company's circumstances. The accused delayed receiving the contract of incorporation, so the victim filed a report. According to the investigations, it became clear that the corporation's license had expired; the accused did not own it or have any capacity in it; and the accused's only relationship with it was that he was the husband of its owner, the second accused, who fled. The victim filed a report because the accused delayed receiving the contract of incorporation.

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