The UAE Ministry of Justice launches “mediation” as an alternative to litigation

The Ministry of Justice has introduced the digital “mediation” platform as an effective alternative litigation approach to resolving civil and commercial cases through the use of trained registered mediators to complete procedures in either Arabic or English. All of this is consistent with the greater effort made by the Ministry to resolve disputes quickly.

The Ministry of Justice announced that the “ Mediators” platform works to improve the quality of life for all citizens and reduce the burden on the legal and administrative systems, Court cases are supported financially by encouraging parties to negotiate in good faith and reach a solution approved by the judge, This enhances public confidence in unconventional methods of dispute settlement. It encourages the judiciary and the private sector to cooperate in promoting economic growth and accelerating the resolution of cases.

Methods of registering on the “Wasata” platform:

The beneficiary can begin the process of registering the mediation request by simply entering the main page of the Ministry of Justice through the unified electronic portal or by visiting the Ministry’s website directly, The beneficiary enters the system using the digital ID, chooses the services for filing lawsuits, determines the emirate in which the dispute occurs, chooses the location of the main court and chooses the location, The sub-court (e.g. mediation and conciliation center in a civil court) and finally chooses the main case type (e.g. non-judicial mediation).

The workers in the Alternative Litigation Systems Department complete the other procedures and communicate with the concerned parties as soon as all the necessary data is completed and the other party agrees to mediation. Beneficiaries can rely on trained mediators to help them resolve their legal disputes quickly and efficiently on the online mediation platform.

The Ministry pointed out the efforts being made to achieve the vision of “ We are the Emirates 2031” in an economically open society, which includes the establishment of this digital service, which is directed towards achieving the national priorities of the UAE, which are the establishment of a future-oriented government that focuses on achieving better results in the classifications of the Rule of Law indicators and the Contract Enforcement Index, The protection of human rights and dignity, tolerance, and coexistence are its social motto, and its concept of an adaptable legal system that establishes justice for a safe society and a prosperous economy and rapid response to societal and economic transformations is fundamental to its success.

Non-judicial and judicial “mediation” procedures:

Mediator registration, renewal, and removal processes, non-judicial and judicial mediation procedures, mediator appointments, requests and sessions, mediator compensation, and the creation of mediation reports are all part of the platform’s offerings. The platform also features out-of-court settlement procedures such as submitting the application on the Ministry’s website and reviewing it from there, The initial mediation costs are accepted and determined by the head of the mediation, The court then collects payment from the client and sends the request to the mediator who conducts the mediation and writes a report before sending it to the center where the relevant judge reviews and signs the settlement and determines the mediator's final fees.

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