The UAE Police announces monitoring campaigns to monitor some violating drivers

Hours ago, the police in the UAE published pictures of traffic violations and prohibited behaviors by drivers in the Emirates and announced monitoring campaigns to monitor some violating drivers.

The United Arab Emirates Police have announced monitoring campaigns in an effort to apprehend some of the drivers who violate traffic laws.

A few hours ago, the police in the UAE published images of drivers in the Emirates engaging in illegal activities and traffic infractions, and they said that they will be conducting monitoring operations to monitor some of the drivers who break the law.

UAE Police publishes photos of prohibited driver behaviour

Photos of illegal driving behavior are frequently published by the UAE Police, The law enforcement agency in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has not too long ago distributed photographs depicting illegal driving practices that are violators of the traffic law in the country. One of these photographs was a documentation of autos halting on sidewalks, and it was one of these. In addition to being a blatant and purposeful infraction of traffic laws, the police regarded this to be an inappropriate and uncivilized behavior since it violates the rights of pedestrians and puts their lives in danger by occupying their space on the sidewalk with automobiles. In addition, this activity takes away from the space available to pedestrians. In light of this, the relevant authorities have been instructed to monitor and follow up on this phenomena, as well as to enhance inspection campaigns in order to prevent automobiles from parking on sidewalks and to maintain pedestrian walking zones.

Police warn of driver behavior that is considered traffic violations

The police issue warnings to drivers for behaviors that are regarded to be infractions of traffic laws, The Emirati police made an announcement that drivers who park their vehicles on the sidewalk are engaging in uncivilized behavior and that doing so is deemed a traffic offense that is punishable by law. It is beginning a campaign of inspections to identify and catch people who violate this regulation. Additionally, it was reported that driving with an excessive load in a car, either in terms of its size or its weight, raises the risk of a vehicle accident occurring. It also creates a hazard for other people who are using the street, and it can occasionally generate an imbalance in the vehicle, making it harder for the driver to maintain control of the vehicle in the event that an emergency occurs on the street. Because of this, the relevant authorities in charge of traffic have been asked to step up their monitoring patrols and awareness campaigns in an effort to strengthen drivers' commitment to the norms and systems that assure the safety of all those who use the streets.

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