The UAE re-updates the price list for fines for delaying residency renewal

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the General Administration of Residency and Expatriates Affairs in the UAE have updated and republished the prices of the fine for delaying residency in the UAE, stressing that remaining in UAE territory for residents after the expiration of your residency visa is a violation of UAE law.

Accordingly, violators may be subject to financial fines for failing to renew their residency after the expiration of their residency visa. A number of restrictions have also been imposed between what is permissible and what is not permissible for residents of the UAE.

Cost of accommodation in the Emirates

It is worth noting that the cost of residence in the UAE depends on the type and category of visa, administrative and medical fees, and many other requirements. The fees and cost of issuing a residence visa for investors, talents, and researchers in the UAE amount to 150 UAE dirhams.

While the cost of the residency visa issuance fee for sponsored persons is about 200 UAE dirhams, the fees for renewing a residence visa for investors, talents and researchers for two years are about 1,150 UAE dirhams, and the residency visa fees for those sponsored for two years are about 100 UAE dirhams.

Fine rates for delaying UAE residency renewal 2023

  • The total compensation for the first day is 125 dirhams.
  • Each additional day will result in a fine of 25 dirhams.
  • If you exceed your allotted time by more than six months, you will have to pay 50 dirhams per day.
  • If it's been more than a year, you can still spend up to AED 100 per day.

Documents required to renew residency in the UAE

  1. Personal photos of the applicant.
  2. Submit the electronic application form by printing it from the website.
  3. Bring the original passport.
  4. Submit a copy of your personal ID.
  5. A copy of the sponsor’s residence permit that has not expired if the sponsor is an expatriate.

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