The UAE warns job seekers of platforms impersonating official recruitment agencies to seize money

A few hours ago, an important warning was issued to job seekers in the Emirates about platforms impersonating official recruitment agencies to seize money, as fraudulent operations against job seekers in the Emirates have spread widely in the recent period. fraudsters advertising fake jobs that do not require experience in the UAE

Warning to those looking for work in the Emirates about websites that seem to be official recruitment companies in order to steal their money.

Fraudulent operations against people looking for work in the Emirates have been increasingly widespread over the past several months. Just a few hours ago, an important warning was sent to job seekers in the Emirates, warning them about online platforms that impersonate professional recruitment companies in order to steal money.

An advertisement for jobs offered by fictitious entities that seize the money of job seekers

An advertisement for jobs that are being given by nonexistent companies in order to steal the money of those looking for work, Platforms spanning social media and websites with an unknown origin have impersonated government bodies and local and international businesses in order to market fraudulent employment. These fake jobs have been promoted on Instagram, Facebook, and X pages, and they claim to provide jobs in a variety of sectors with high wages and allowances. Once a job seeker enters the fake website that displays jobs, he is asked to register all of his banking and personal data as well as pay a financial fee in order for the website to show the job vacancies that suit him. Furthermore, incentives and advertisements from unknown sources have been monitored promoting fake jobs in order to defraud job seekers. Once the victim submits his data, his money is automatically seized, as he realizes that he has fallen victim to unknown parties to control his money. His skill level and educational level are also taken into consideration.

Fraudsters advertising fake jobs that do not require experience in the UAE

Con artists in the UAE are offering bogus jobs that do not require previous work experience, Fake entities were responsible for posting job openings on the Internet for a total of fifty workers. These positions did not require applicants to have any prior work experience, and the duration of employment ranged from one hundred to two hundred days. Additionally, candidates would receive their training over the internet, and the workday would last between three and five hours. Social networking, and it was essential that the account holder have experience in phones and accessories, as well as being fluent in the Emirati dialect, and that he have a valid residence permission affiliated with a phone store. In addition to these requirements, the account holder was also required to have a valid residence permit affiliated with a phone store. There were fake websites that impersonated the name of a multinational oil firm and claimed to offer work opportunities in the fields of engineering and industrial security to both men and women. These websites were discovered and monitored. a worker who can work from home doing data entry, authorities in charge of social media, and drivers. The pages had a significant lack of proficiency in Arabic, which is evidence that the advertisements are fraudulent.

Warning security authorities in the uae about fraudulent accounts providing fake jobs

Alerting the relevant authorities in the UAE about bogus accounts that offer phony employment opportunities, Security agencies, government departments, and technical divisions have all issued warnings to avoid conducting business with accounts of unknown provenance that promise phony employment opportunities. There is a continuous publication of job openings across the official platforms utilized by government departments. These platforms include social media accounts and websites; however, there is no promotional advertising for the job openings that are now available. The Ras Al Khaimah Police have issued a warning to the public to avoid responding to phony websites and electronic platforms and submitting personal information to them. The individual in question as well as the PIN number of the bank card, with the caveat that familiarity with the gang members and a willingness to put faith in what they say are two of the most common factors that lead to people being taken advantage of by criminals operating through electronic and telephone means.

Important instructions for job seekers in the Emirates

Instructions of vital importance for those looking for work in the Emirates, Technical expert Ahmed Al-Zarouni added that all job seekers need to pay attention to the jobs that are being promoted and differentiate between official websites and fake ones. Job seekers can do this by visiting the official website of the entities that promote vacant jobs and sending an official message to them to ensure that thehat is suited for him.

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