UAE discontinues 3-Month Visit Visas, As New Options Unveiled

The granting of tourist visas for stays of up to three months in the United Arab Emirates has been halted, according to a phone conversation with a representative from the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP). The United Arab Emirates' visa requirements have just been changed drastically.

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UAE Discontinues Three-Month Visit Visas

An ICP contact center agent has confirmed that the three-month visit visa is no longer an option for travelers to the United Arab Emirates. Travel agencies are the only places to get visitor visas, and they come in two different lengths of time (30 and 60 days).

Verification from Travel Agents

Several travel agents have corroborated this information, confirming that they no longer have the option to request a three-month visit visa via the portal they typically use to issue permits.

History of the Three-Month Visa

The discontinuation of the three-month visit visa is not a recent development but rather a change that has undergone fluctuations over the years. Initially, the three-month visa was temporarily suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a 60-day visa was introduced as an alternative. However, in May, the three-month scheme was reinstated as a leisure visa option.

Dubai's Unique 90-Day Visa

It is worth noting that in Dubai, a distinctive 90-day visa is available for visitors who are first-degree relatives of residents. These relatives can include parents or other close family members, and the call center executive at Amer, which assists with visa processes, confirmed that residents can bring their parents or relatives to Dubai on the three-month visa scheme.

This change in the availability of three-month visit visas may have implications for travelers seeking to visit the UAE for extended periods. While 30-day and 60-day options remain, those who previously opted for the longer three-month visa will need to adjust their travel plans and accommodations accordingly. It is advisable for travelers to consult with travel agencies and immigration authorities to determine the most suitable visa option for their specific needs and circumstances when planning their visit to the UAE.

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