UAE announces 4 new airlines at its airports

Dubai Airports noted that it has welcomed four new airlines during the recent time to operate its flights at Dubai International Airport, noting that these companies contribute to extending its worldwide network and serving new markets, Dubai Airports made this announcement in a press release.

The foundation stated that Berlin, Stuttgart, Marseille, and Chisinau are some of the new markets that will be served by these companies, which will help to further solidify Dubai's position as a leading global tourist destination. Additionally, the foundation mentioned that the new airlines include "Eurowings," "Transavia," "fly one," and "Virgin Atlantic," in addition to the launch of "Air Canada" as a new destination between Dubai and Vancouver.

As of the conclusion of the first half of this year, Dubai International Airport was connected to a total of 104 countries and 257 destinations via more than 91 international carriers.

A significant increase in passenger traffic at Dubai Airport

The first half of the year saw a considerable increase in passenger traffic at Dubai airport, which led to the airport receiving 41.6 million passengers, Prior to the pandemic in 2019, passenger traffic at Dubai airport had been significantly lower, but it has since recovered significantly.

According to the "sirium" Foundation, which conducts research on airlines and international airports and specializes in this field, airlines at Dubai International Airport will occupy 3.84 million additional seats on flights during the final quarter of this year in comparison to the same time period in the previous year.

Number of seats assigned on international flights

According to the available data, the total number of scheduled seats on international flights departing from Dubai airport during the last three months of this year reached 14.8 million seats (29.6 million two-way seats), This represents a growth rate of approximately 15% when compared to the approximately 12.88 million seats (25.7 million two-way seats) that were available during the same time period in 2017.

Dubai Airports has announced that it is preparing for an active extraordinary time till the end of this year. As a result, the company has changed its prediction for the total passenger numbers for the current year to grow from 83.6 million passengers to 85 million passengers.

With the resumption of air traffic to more locations around the world, the continuous expansion of carriers operating at the airport, as well as the addition of more flights to existing destinations and the opening of new destinations, the data showed a continuous increase in the number of scheduled seats on international flights departing from Dubai International Airport.

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