UAE Unveils "Akeed" System for Efficient visa, passport Data Retrieval

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) in the UAE is gearing up to launch a groundbreaking system known as "Akeed." This system is set to transform the way private sector companies access accurate data about residents and citizens in the UAE directly from the ICP database.

Revolutionizing Data Access

In addition to providing comprehensive and precise information, Akeed will eliminate the need for Emirates ID card readers, simplifying and expediting processes.

Akeed's Efficiency

With Akeed, companies across various sectors, including finance, healthcare, and insurance, can effortlessly obtain the required information from the ICP database. Whether it's a person's name, passport details, or insurance policy particulars, this innovative system streamlines data retrieval.

By ensuring that every entity has access to complete and accurate information, Akeed is set to save considerable time for both individuals and organizations. Moreover, it replaces the traditional card reader system, eliminating the need for residents to physically insert their Emirates ID cards into a reader.

Scope and Future Possibilities

Initially, Akeed will be designed to provide information about individuals who have already been issued residency permits and Emirates IDs. However, it's worth noting that whether this service will be offered free of charge or entail a fee remains unclear at this point.

Additional smart initiatives

The ICP is also leading various other innovative efforts that will make life easier and more productive for people. Among these initiatives is a prototype for a system that would allow UAE citizens and foreign residents to rapidly renew their passports and Emirates IDs at self-service kiosks.

If successful, these kiosks will be strategically placed in high-traffic locations like airports and malls, allowing residents to complete important processes around the clock.

Moreover, the ICP has unveiled a new system designed to facilitate effortless border crossings at Al Ghuwaifat. This system, known as the Smart Land Borders Crossing, allows residents and citizens to navigate the border without leaving their vehicles. Registered cars will be scanned, and the first barrier will open for drivers. Subsequently, individuals will scan their passports or Emirates IDs and provide biometrics or facial recognition. Once the ICP system verifies the data, the second barrier will open, permitting motorists to exit the country.

ICP's Evolution

Established in 2004 as the Emirates Identity Authority, the ICP has undergone several transformations over the years. Today, it plays a pivotal role in overseeing key functions related to citizenship affairs, passports, the entry and residence of foreigners in the UAE, and other essential responsibilities, contributing to the country's progress and development.

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